Archer T4U keeps disconnecting

Archer T4U keeps disconnecting

Archer T4U keeps disconnecting
Archer T4U keeps disconnecting
2022-12-12 18:57:42 - last edited 2022-12-12 21:31:38
Model: Archer T4U  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: ?

I recently purchased the Archer T4U (ver 1.8) from amazon and it just can't keep a stable connection. First I installed the latest driver from tp-link's website. While connected to 2.4Ghz band, connection drops out every 5-30 min. And it doesn't just drop the wifi, it makes that sound as if I unplugged the adapter from USB. I tried connecting to 5.4Ghz band and the connection will remain stable for around 20-22 hours and then drop out making the USB disconnect sound.


Things I have tried so far:

-Rebooting the router (Archer AX21)

-I read about the runswusb service that could be the culprit and disabled it. Made no difference.

-I uninstalled the tp-link driver and let Microsoft install its generic driver. Wifi still drops randomly, but with Microsoft's driver, once the wifi drops out I cannot connect again until I unplug/plug the USB cable to the adapter.


What else can I try before returning this thing?

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Re:Archer T4U keeps disconnecting
2022-12-13 06:14:09


Welcome to the community.

There are some suggestions for your reference:

1. please connect T4U to a different USB port.

2. manually install the driver here:

3. If possible, please test the T4U on a different computer.

Wait for your reply.

Best regards.



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