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Home Network
Home Network
2022-12-22 17:34:58
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I am trying to conceptualize a Deco System for my home.


I have a 7000 sq ft home built with steel beam floors, steel shell floors and steel and plaster walls.  

I currently have Shentel Service 150Mbps.   I have a Hitron modem CODA-4688 with 4 Ethernet ports, and 2 phone ports.

I have their wall-to-wall service using (3) Hitron HT-EMN2 with one Ethernet port connected by coax cable.  

One unit is located at a boat house located about 150 ft from the house.


I have additional coax cable throughout the house and dock.

I have 4 TP phone cable suitable for ethernet throughout the house.  I have only one (1) 4 TP phone cable to the dock.

I have some ethernet cable within the house.



I currently have 25 devices connected but can have up to 50 or more when the house is full.


Signal is strong within the house and at the dock.  


I need better coverage on the outside porches, front and rear.

I also am adding streaming TV coverage.


My idea is to use the Deco Powerline P-9 and place units as follows:

1)  Adjacent to the Hitron connected by ethernet cable (basement East side)

2)  Replacment of a Hitron EMN2 in downstairs office (basement West side)

3)  Master Bedroom (1st floor West side) wireless

4)  Kitchen (1st floor East side)   wireless

5)  Theatre (2nd floor Northeast side)  wireless

6)  Lounge (2nd floor Southwest side)  wireless

7)  Dock X50 (south side of lot) connected with MOCA 2.0 Network Adapter for Highspeed Ethernet over Coax ECB6200K02.  Not sure how this can be powered as it appears that it is a POE connection and i was using MOCA network adapters.

8)  Additional X50s in the front and back porches.   Again, i am unsure of power.




I understand that the Powerline model will augment communications between units to overcome the steel and concrete within the house.


Is this likely to work?   Any recommendations?




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Re:Home Network
2022-12-29 09:26:17


Hi, welcome to the community.

Have you ever used any powerline adapters before?

If yes, How about the line quality and the powerline speed?

It is true that powerline models could overcome the steel and concrete within the house, but since they shared the same home electric wiring system, the network performance would also be affected by the home appliances and the aging wires.

And the whole house also needs to be under the same electric meter.


As for the power issue of Deco X50, Now we have POE models for the Deco Mesh system and maybe you could have a look at Deco X50-POE and Deco X50-Outdoor:

Deco X50 - Outdoor - Preorders and Release Date

Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released


Thank you very much.

Best regards.




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