Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released

Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released

Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released
Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released
2022-11-14 22:47:14 - last edited 2023-01-24 18:08:30
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Deco X50 - Power over Ethernet (PoE) Released


We are excited to share with everyone that TP-Link has officially announced its first Deco Mesh Node that is compatible with Power-Over-Ethernet and also has multiple mounting options, the Deco X50-PoE.




With PoE built-in, users can set up the Deco device anywhere via ethernet cable. The sleek designed Deco PoE can easily attach to ceilings or walls to provide better Wi-Fi transmission, seamless coverage, and stronger Wi-Fi 6 performance.


Deco X50 - PoE TP-Link Product Page


AX3000 Dual-Band Wi-Fi – 2402 Mbps (5 GHz) + 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz).

Multiple Installation Options – Place it on a tabletop or install it on a ceiling or wall with the adaptive accessories

PoE Supported – Power over Ethernet for simplified network deployment.

Multi-Gig 2.5 Gbps Wired Network – 1× 2.5 Gbps port + 1× Gigabit Port.



Alongside the announcement of the Deco X50-PoE, was the announcement of two other Deco models, the Deco X50-Outdoor and a new Powerline Unit, the Deco PX50. These new additions will allow you to bring gigabit connections to every corner of your home, or in the case of the X50-Outdoor, your property. To learn more about the PX50 and Outdoor Units, you can read our press release here.


For more information about how PoE can fit into your home network, check out the new story below:


What is PoE, and What it Can Do for Your Network


Pricing and Availability:


Deco X50-PoE AX3000 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System with PoE (3-Pack) has an MSRP of $349.99 and is available on Amazon.


Deco X50-Outdoor AX3000 Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi 6 Unit (1-Pack) has an MSRP of $149.99 and is available for pre-order on Amazon now. It also will be available on Best Buy's website in December.


Deco PX50 AX3000 Powerline Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System (3-Pack) has an MSRP of $299.99 and will be ready to sell on Amazon in December 2022.


General Questions Regarding the Deco X50-PoE


Q1: What is PoE?

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows network switches to transmit both power and data through an Ethernet cable simultaneously.
  • Learn more about PoE technology.




Q2: What PoE standards does Deco X50-PoE support?

  • For standard PoE: IEEE802.3at standard and IEEE802.3bt standard.
  • For Passive PoE:  Deco X50-PoE requires a passive PoE adapter with an output voltage of 48VDC and an output power above 18W (usually 24W).


Q3: How much power does the Deco X50-PoE consume when powered by PoE?

  • US version: Up to 18W.


Q4: How to power on Deco X50-POE?

  • Via DC power adapter the adapter is included in the product package.
  • Via POE switch
  • Via POE adapter.


Q5: How to choose a PoE switch for Deco X50-PoE?

Here are some key factors in choosing a PoE switch:

  • PoE standard: Use 802.3 at or 802.3 bt standard.
  • The number of POE ports: Select the number of PoE ports according to the number of your PoE-powered devices.
  • Transmission rate: For faster speed, a gigabit switch is recommended. (Deco X50-PoE has a 2.5G port, you can also buy a switch with a 2.5G port)
  • PoE Power Budget: A PoE switch power budget is the total amount of power output available to the PoE ports of the switch. Please make ensure the total power required by all PoE devices powered by the switch’s PoE ports does not exceed the switch’s overall power budget. Otherwise, the switch may be shut down or the powered device may be unstable or even unable to be powered on.


Q6: Does Deco X50-PoE have any requirements for the PoE-powered network cable?

We recommend using a standard network cable of cat5e and above (cat5e and above supports 2.5Gbps).


Q7: What is the maximum transmission distance of a PoE connection?

Up to 100 meters.


Q8: Which PoE power supply mode does Deco X50-PoE supports?

Deco X50-PoE supports both Alternative A and Alternative B.

Alternative A: Supply power using the date line pairs 1/2 and 3/6 of the Ethernet cable.

Alternative B: Supply power using the spare line pairs 4/5 and 7/8 of the Ethernet cable.


Q9: Why can't my PoE Enabled Switch or Adapter power my Deco X50-PoE?

  1. Confirm the LED of the PoE port on the PoE switch or PoE adapter is on and make sure the Ethernet cable is firmly connected.
  2. Make sure you have used the qualified Cat.5 or above Ethernet cable and the length of the Ethernet cable should be less than 100m.
  3. Change another Ethernet cable if possible
  4. Make sure the PoE switch or PoE adapter supports IEEE802.3at or IEEE802.3bt standard.
  5. Confirm the total power consumption required by all PoE-powered devices does not exceed the switch’s overall power budget.


Q10: How to connect Deco X50-PoE to a PoE switch in different operation modes

Deco X50-PoE supports router mode and access point mode.


Router Mode: Deco works in router mode by default. In router mode, please note that the satellite Deco should be wired to the LAN port of the main Deco or a switch connected to the main Deco's LAN port to avoid a network loop.




Access Point Mode: If there is a main router in front of Deco, Deco can be set to work under access point mode. In Access Point mode, you can wire satellite Deco to any Deco unit or the front main router through a switch.



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Re:Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released
2022-11-15 23:33:06

  @Riley_S  - Are there plans to release this in single units?  I'd love to be able to add one to an existing Deco environment.

Re:Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released
2022-11-16 17:43:00


We normally have no insight into when specifics about a product will be available; however, It appears as though, at least in most situations, we normally start with a pack offering with other pack sizes following in the months after. We should see a single unit offered for network expansion in the coming months. Since this was announced alongside the X50 Outdoor and PX50, and how close together they are launching, it may be that individual and smaller packs will release after these other models are released throughout December.

Re:Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released
2022-11-24 10:42:18





Great news as I was awaiting this X50-POE for some time now.

Anyway, I'm only able to find it on


Do you know when this will be available in Europe? I'm living in Belgium.


Thank you.


Kind regards,


Re:Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released
2022-11-28 19:47:42


Many of our devices, especially when first released will only be available from select retailers. As more versions are released, such as individual nodes or two packs, the retailer list may expand. Our team has no insight into how this is organized or set up.


As for regional availability, the community teams can rarely give a heads-up ahead of time. The US team also does not keep track of any upcoming products or releases that happen at a global scale, as we try to mainly support products sold in the US. As the 3-Pack was just released in the US, I would expect it to be available globally soon.


The EN Forum Post for the Deco X50 - PoE can be found here:

but there is no mention of when it will be released.

Large Product Releases, such as this one(at least in the US), are usually accompanied by a News Post from the Official Site here:


I would recommend keeping an eye on these two resources to see when products may become available globally.

Re:Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released
2023-02-14 19:10:48 - last edited 2023-02-14 19:20:50

I have managed to get a Deco PoE Outdoor, and I was delighted when I saw that it has two PoE ports.
So I thought to myself "great, I will use the camera PoE line, and mount it beside it, then will power the camera from the Deco".

Unfortunately this was not the case. Or maybe I am doing something wrong.

I am powering the Deco from a TP-Link switch, and I expected to be able to also power my camera beside it, from the second port of the Deco. The camera does not turn on.

As I am reading, the IEEE 802.3bt allows for PoE power forwarding for multiple devices, up to 70 W. The Deco Outdoor consumes about 18W, so there is plenty of power left for the camera.

Please advise if this limitation is like this by design, or I should continue looking into it. I found no mentions of such a situation in any of the Deco documentations.

Thanks in advance!

Re:Deco X50 Power Over Ethernet PoE Released
2023-02-14 19:55:54 - last edited 2023-02-14 19:59:55


I believe that all, the PoE Ports are all only meant to power the deco. It was not in the design of the device to request additional power from the switch for pass-through connections and I do not believe that these ports on the deco have the ability to auto-negotiate the correct power output to the end device. I do not necessarily think that this would also be the greatest for the deco's lifespan as it would be needing to handle and manage not just its own power, but other devices' power consumption as well.


While the standard does exist to 'allow' the connection, it is up to the manufacturers and also subject to hardware compatibility to take advantage of all the features included in the standards. I will pass the feedback along regarding having this as an option for future outdoor models. The Spec Sheet also mentions that the ports themselves are of the at standard; which may be the reason that it does not pass through a connection(at least if one of the changes was passthrough power)


What I would recommend is looking more into how PoE connections can be used and split. There are many devices and adapters that may allow you to simply split your ethernet connection before the Deco into two separate lines. PoE is extremely flexible, and a solution should exist for any situation. In my personal situation, I was able to find an outdoor gigabit switch that is powered by PoE and will distribute the connection across 4 ports; something similar may work well for you.



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