Deco app adding networks I don't want.

Deco app adding networks I don't want.

Deco app adding networks I don't want.
Deco app adding networks I don't want.
2023-03-26 01:38:55 - last edited 2023-03-26 01:40:10
Tags: #App
Model: Deco W7200  
Hardware Version: V20
Firmware Version: 1.1.2 Build 20230130 Rel. 68435

So, my deco app is littered with other TP-link networks I do not own. From what I can see it says I'm the owner of these networks. My only idea on how I acquired them all is when I forget to turn my wifi off when leaving my home.


Essentially what I want to know, is there anyway to stop the app from automatically adding networks? 


Also, if I delete the unwanted networks, will it reset those devices, even from a remote location?

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Re:Deco app adding networks I don't want.
2023-03-27 17:40:32


The app should not be automatically add networks, the networks must be manually added to the application while you are using it.


Two things I would do:

- Change Your TP-Link ID Password. When networks are added to your TP-Link ID, they will appear on any device logged into your TP-Link ID.

- More likely, however, Is it possible that you accidentally configured each of your Deco Nodes as a new network rather than adding nodes to your main network?


Resetting the Deco does not currently reset the devices. Instead, it operates more as a clearing of the Deco's cache and will prevent the device from being managed until it is connected to another TP-Link ID. This is still recommended, as it will remove the devices from both your app and account.



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