Deco X90/X95 Power Reboot Issue

Deco X90/X95 Power Reboot Issue

Deco X90/X95 Power Reboot Issue
Deco X90/X95 Power Reboot Issue
2023-05-02 04:35:48
Model: Deco X95  
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Hey guys,


I have a Deco system set up at our family lakehouse. Unfortunately due to the remote location, the property experiences intermittent power outtages. I have a Deco X95 unit set as the main, plugged directly into the modem, with a total of 3 additional X90 units throughout the house to complete the mesh system.


The issue I am experiencing is that when the power goes out, our modem will fully reboot and come back online, however the Deco X95 (our main unit)- will not come back online on it's own. The red light will show, and it will require a manual reboot (unplugging the deco unit and the modem for 10 seconds each- and then plugging them back in one at a time) in order to get the system back online. 


I have contacted deco support about this issue and have received mixed responses. The first person I talked to basically said that this is a known issue, and recommended I try unplugging/plugging back in the ethernet cord etc. However, this does not solve the issue because it still requires essentially a manual reboot. The other representative that I talked to stated that this should not be happening, and that the deco system should come back online on its own. 


I need to find a way to get the system to come back online on its own, without any manual rebooting. We rent out the lakehouse in the summer and cannot afford to have the system fail to come back online everytime a small power outtage occurs. 


Prior to having the X95 unit as our main Deco, we had one of the X90 units setup as the main, and this issue was still occurring. So I do not think that it is a faulty router/hardware issue. I believe all the units are currently up to date with their firmware. 


So does anyone have any advice or any settings I could try altering in the Deco app? I have not experienced this issue with any of our old routers in the past, all have come back online once the power rebooted after an outtage without any manual resetting. Is this a common or known issue with the Deco units? Or specifically the X90/X95 models? Any advice would be much appreciated. 


In addition, I do have one of the other deco units hardwired to the Deco X95 (main unit) and have it running in access point mode, in order to create a separate work network. Could this be contributing to the issue?


Thank you



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Re:Deco X90/X95 Power Reboot Issue
2023-05-04 16:39:52 - last edited 2023-05-04 16:41:45


I believe that the behavior is a result of the auto-detection of the WAN/LAN ports on the main router. When the WAN connection is lost it will start looking for a WAN connection through the other ports. However, this means that as soon as the modem reconnects to the network, the Deco may still be storing an IP address that does not line up with what it being passed from your modem after reconnecting to the internet. - Rebooting your Deco simply allows the unit to get new credentials when negotiating.


There is a feature being added to Decos via the 1.6 firmware update that will allow you to set a reboot schedule so that your network can be rebooted without having to physically be there. It looks like the X90/95 have not received the update yet, but it should arrive soon.


Lastly, there are third party devices that you can connect that will cycle the power to your router after a delay when the device can no longer connect to the internet, While less than ideal and could potentially cause problems, it may be the best solution until your model receives the Reboot Schedule feature.


EDIT: Thought that I should add that the reboot schedule feature only requires your main deco node to support the firmware/feature, so if it is an emergency situation, you could use a different deco that already has the 1.6.0 firmware as your main node.



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