Archer AX10000 and AX11000

Archer AX10000 and AX11000

Archer AX10000 and AX11000
Archer AX10000 and AX11000
2024-03-25 16:10:28
Model: Archer AX11000  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 2.1.6 Build 20230907 rel.65510(5553)

Similar to other posts I have found. I am having issues with the router losing internet connectivity and being unable to log into the router until a rebootr is performed.  


I purchased an Archer AX10000 a week ago.  After configuring, I immediately started experiencing random and multiple internet dropouts all day long.  I performed a reboot of my router and cable modem with no improvment.  I returned the router and purchased a Archer AX11000.  I let it run for two days (regular internet browsing and streaming) with no issues.  Today, the AX11000 started experiencing random internet dropouts and I was unable to log into the router to try to troubleshoot.  I performed a reboot and brought it back to an operational state as well as being able to login to the GUI.  


Prior to these two routers, I had an older TP Link C4000 router and rarely experienced anyting like this.  I actually put the C4000 back on our network and had no issues after I returned the AX10000.  


Since both my wife and I work from home, the constant dropouts is not only an incovenience but is starting to impact productivity and client interaction as we are often on zoom calls when the network dropuots occur wh9ich obviously kicks us off.  


I am going to return this router as well and go with a different manufacturer at this point as I am now confident the issue is with this line of routers.  Very dissapointing experience.


Oh, I forgot to mention that the logs show "nothing" during these dropouts.  I have a spereate logging application runing on a laptop which tracks the time and duration of each dropout.  There is no ryhm or reason and it is very difficult to diagnose when the router's logs don't record anything.



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