Deco Firmware Updates: Feature Availability and Overview

Released On: 2023-12-12 17:42:01Last update time: 2024-03-15 21:59:48

If your Deco network has received the latest updates and features, but you do not see that they are available in your Deco app, remember that some features depend on the features of the other nodes in your network.


Below, you can find a list of the latest features, their requirements, and potential behavior. 




  • VPN Server / Client
  • Static Routing
  • Adjustable WAN MTU
  • HomeShield (Parental Controls)
  • IoT Networks, etc.

Available when the Main Deco node supports the feature.

*For the IoT network, you can see it on the APP as long as the main Deco supports it, but satellite Deco will not broadcast the IOT network if it doesn't support this feature.

  • WPA3 encryption,
  • Reboot Schedule,
  • Connection Preferences for Client Devices

Available only when all deco nodes in the network support the feature. In this case, the feature should not appear in your Deco app.

  • Signal Source Selection for Satellite Units (Backhaul)

These features are independent of other Deco nodes. These features will appear in the units that support the feature.



Please take the following chart as a general guide to what features were added in the recent firmware updates. Check the official Download Pages for your model or the Deco app to see the most recent firmware version available for each of your Deco models.


Firmware Platforms

Alternate Firmware Versions

Newly Added Features




Deco 1.11.0 Firmware Feature Overview

  1. Added Support for WireGuard VPN Server/Client Connections 
  2. Added Built-In Quick Configuration for VPN Providers, NordVPN and SurfShark (Region Dependent) 
  3. Add “Client Speed Limit Feature” on the Client’s Settings Page 
  4. Added Ability to Disable Auto WAN/LAN Sensing for Ports 
  5. QoS Improvements: App-Based Management, Scene Presets, Quick Toggle 




  1. Add ECO Mode
  2. Add firmware auto-upgrade function.
  3. Advanced Parental Control subscription added APP block/App Time Limits feature.




Deco 1.9.0 Feature Overview: Wi-Fi Access Control, Matter, Local Only Modes


  1. Add Camera Security
  2. Add Whitelist/ Wi-Fi Access Control
  3. SupportCaptive Portal for Guest Network
  4. Support Matter
  5. Support encrypted Default Wi-Fi for Setup Network
  6. Support TSS (TP-Link Simple Setup) Auto Discovery & Quick Configuration




Deco X50/X55 V1 1.2.0 with VPN/Static Route/MTU


  1. Added the static route function.
  2. Added the ability to customize the MTU.
  3. Added IoT network function.
  4. Support VPN Server/Client.
  5. Added Device Isolation.




Deco 1.6.0 Firmware Update Added to Select Models! - January 2023

Eco Mode, Wi-Fi Scheduling and LED Control


  1. Added Reboot Schedule.
  2. Added support for customizing Satellite Deco signal source
  3. Added support for customizing client’s connection preference
  4. Added No-IP and DynDNS
  5. Added Smart DHCP on/off switch in Access Point
  6. Added a prompt when the Ethernet link rate goes down to 100Mbps.
  7. Added schedule and bandwidth limit to the guest network




  1. Add IPTV/VLAN on satellite Deco.
  2. Add Network Optimization.
  3. Add the switch of "ignore Ping from WAN".
  4. Support changing the owner account on the Deco APP.
  5. Add the "Service name" and "Access name" options under PPPoE connection Type.


* Be aware that our team has no insight into what firmware or features will be available to a specific model or when a model may receive an update. We appreciate the feedback that a feature may be highly requested/needed, however, we cannot provide any updates on the development process and potential release.


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