Both (2) of my ec70s intermittently disconnect and reconnect to wifi

Both (2) of my ec70s intermittently disconnect and reconnect to wifi
Both (2) of my ec70s intermittently disconnect and reconnect to wifi
2021-07-08 02:48:50
Model: EC70
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 2.3.6

I've got 2 ec70 kasa cams that I bought several months apart. Both of which are in a direct line of sight to my router and 10 feet away from it. Both of them separately and intermittently start blinking red, then green, then come back on.  There is no trigger and they don’t do it at the same time.  I've contacted tech support with no luck.  Never got any suggestion.  The issue persists.   I have no wireless issues with anything in my house and I have several things connected, including 6 kl130 kasa light bulbs.  These 2 cameras are the only devices in my house that do this.  Ive gotten different routers, swapped out sd cards with newer class 10 cards. I've moved them to different locations. The issue persists.  I've worked in the tech support field for over 15 years so I'm very familiar with wireless settings and devices. I'm not even certain if it's a wireless issue. I'm just guessing considering what the lights mean within the manual. I'm at my wits end and I don’t know what else to do at this point.  Does anybody have any suggestions?  

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Re:Both (2) of my ec70s intermittently disconnect and reconnect to wifi
2021-07-12 03:51:58



Flashing Red and green means it is in set up mode, but from your description, it is more likely that camera has a red light when it disconnect from router 's wifi or failed get connect to cloud.  Here are some suggestions which you could give it a try:' 

1. Change a different 2.4Ghz wireless channel on router  (download Wi-Fi analyzer app and choose a more‘ ’idle' channel )

2. Make sure the camera is receiving a good signal (  less than -68dBm is poor ) by checking the signal strength of the camera on the APP
 (RSSI:Received signal strength indication): On the APP, go to device  settings->click the name of the device ->signal strength (You could tap on the Wi-Fi icon to see the value of the RSSI)

2. Confirm Camera firmware and Tapo APP version are up to date 

3. Try to change Router's DNS settings  

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS: 

4. Turn off router Advanced Settings, like QoS parental control etc.


If the above does not work, please help provide some details and help collect the log when issue after issue happened, thank you. 

1. May I know  when mobile phone is still connected to home network ( home wifi, not mobile data) does camera become offline on Tapo app

2 What is the model number of your Wi-Fi router?

How about your network topology: 

3. How often does issue  happen, and how do you recover the connection, like reboot camera or reboot router? 

On the APP, if refresh the device list page by "pull-to-refresh" and see if the camera would be online


4. How to get the logs of Tapo camera
Step 1: Insert an SD card into the camera.

Step 2: On the APP, please go to Camera Settings -> Advanced Settings -> enable Diagnose. The log file will be stored on the SD card.
Step 3: Let the camera run for some time, wait for the recurrence of the problem.
Step 4: Please plug the SD card into the computer's SD card slot or an SD card adapter. Please send the log on the SD card to us. The name of the file is ‘Diagnose Log’.