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Forums/ Kasa App and Integrations
By TheScottyZ 2023-12-27 12:14:07

In-app Schedule

Hi, Is it possible to make the on/off schedule more robust? Something similar to a programmable thermostat schedule perhaps, in that an LED strip for example, can be scheduled to turn on and off twice
Forums/ Kasa App and Integrations
By RichardAH 2023-12-31 18:31:02

Removing a Home in the Kasa App

Having recently sold my second home I am unable to delete it from my Kasa App. Can anybody suggest how I can do it? When I try re-installing some of the devices that were in my second home to my first
Forums/ Kasa App and Integrations
By AndrewMH 2023-12-23 17:32:58

KASA in multiple locations

I have purchased doorbells, switches, and cameras with the intention on placing them in different properties, of course on difference wifi networks. Can I use a single login and switch between propert
Forums/ Kasa Cameras
By J_Shaw 2023-08-17 06:46:50

KD110 Doorbell doesn't send a notification when button pressed.

Hello! I have had the Doorbell for about 3 months now and it has functioned in all respects, except one. The Chime and Camera are working perfectly. The camera and KASA app will send notifications whe