Archer VR900 IPv6 over WAN not working

Archer VR900 IPv6 over WAN not working
Archer VR900 IPv6 over WAN not working
2019-03-06 12:40:48
Model: AD7200
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: shipped version

This is actually about the ARCHER VR900 v2!!! The above will not let me select the correct version.



[ MODEM / DSL ROUTER, Archer VR900 v2 ]

I am trying to get IPv6 working on an Archer VR900 using the WAN interface. It previously worked just fine on the DSL interface.

The settings for my internet provider (zen internet: are SLAAC, RADVD, delegated. This worked fine on DSL. When the router is plugged in from the WAN interface (for my new fibre connection) and I select SLAAC, RADVD, delegated, I get an IPv6 DNS but the gateway is blank and I also now have no IP as it obviously cannot delegate addresses from anything. I have confirmed that the ISPs radius server is working ok and have sucessfully got a Fritzbox 7530 router working in IPv6 with exactly the same settings as above.


So, I am convinced you have an IPv6 BUG in the firmware for the WAN interface.


Please note, I have of course selected the correct settings in the LAN interface as well as WAN.


I have used the routers interface to check for updated firmware, but it says there is none. I am running the same firmware it shipped with.


Thanks for your help,

Kevin McCaughey


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Re:Archer VR900 IPv6 over WAN not working
2019-03-07 08:13:20

Hi Kevin, 


there is a firmware released to try to solve this problem. Below is the download link:


How to update it:


After that, please check whether it works properly with IPV6.


Finger crossed.


Re:Re:Archer VR900 IPv6 over WAN not working
2019-03-07 10:24:41

Thanks for taking an interest in this.


I tried this firmware but it changes nothing - i still have the problem. I noticed that there is no change in the settings in this version, it seems the same as my old version?


SLAAC/RADVD/delegated is still not getting any Gateway address (so nothing else can work) and cannot delegate IP addresses. So I only have DNS, nothing else. It is bugged.


Re:Re:Re:Archer VR900 IPv6 over WAN not working
2019-03-08 05:44:16

Hello, that is weird. please send an email to our support email and then we will continue to follow up and try to sort it out. 


Please attach the forum link as reference as well.


Thanks in advance. Good day.