Slow speed using range extender

Slow speed using range extender
Slow speed using range extender
2020-11-13 12:56:12 - last edited 2020-11-17 06:19:48
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:


i have followed all the steps in this link with no success .

i live in an aparment , the distance between the extender and the router is less than 10 meters . I have 60mbs with my isp. 

the router is a dual router and of course the 5ghz is better in speed test but as you know the tp link extender only has 2.4gz and not all my devices has dual wifi adapters ,so i am trying to use the range extender to connect to internet with the hope of getting fast speeds. 

how can you help me ?

thank you 

sincerely ,


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Re:Slow speed using range extender
2020-11-17 06:31:59


Hi, sorry for the delay.

May I know how long have you had TL-WPA4220kit V1?

Have you checked the Ethernet speed from the TL-WPA4220?

The speedtest from the main router, is it from the 5ghz or 2.4ghz as well?

Have you tried to download the powerline utility to check the powerline rate as well:


and if possible, please refer to the following picture to adjust the wireless channel on the 2.4ghz, such as channel 1/6/11:

Thank you very much!