Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update

Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update

Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-24 07:45:49 - last edited 2023-12-21 05:48:46
Model: Tapo P110   Tapo P115  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:
12/05/2022 Update: 
1. Add Fixes and Topics as recommended solution
2. Latest Tapo APP version till now: Android: 2.11.43, iOS: 2.11.24

11/28 Update: 
New Firmware 1.1.6 has been released for both Tapo P110 and Tapo P1
Modification and bug fixes:
1. Fixed the bug that graph and data of Energy Usage might be incorrect.
2. Fixed the bug that Bill of this Month might be inaccurate.
3. Fixed the bug that remote control might not take effect.
Note:1.Tapo App should be upgraded to the latest version in App Store.
           2.The historical energy data of the plug might be cleared if the firmware upgrades from version earlier than 1.1.2 to 1.1.6

11/1 Update:
Added Q&A at the end of this article: Q1: Why the energy cost is not calculating correctly? 

Hey Tapo Users! We have all-round upgraded the energy monitoring function feature in the Tapo app for you. As energy prices soar these days, we are all seeking ways to save on our electric bills. Tapo new Energy Monitoring 2.0 offers an opportunity to better understand and optimize your energy consumption.

To use the new Energy Monitoring, the following conditions should be met
  1. Supported on model Tapo P110 or Tapo P115 with 1.1.2 and later firmware
  2. Tapo App should be upgraded to the latest version 2.10. X.
Note: the firmware is rolled out to Tapo users gradually, not all in once, if you didn't receive this firmware update, kindly wait for another  few days.

New Energy Monitoring Dashboard

The new energy monitoring dashboard contains three core data:

lPower consumption of 'Today':    Display energy consumption of  today from 0:00 to the current time. 
l  Power consumption of 'This Month': Display energy consumption of the past 30 days. 
l  Current power: Refresh real-time power value every 5 seconds.
l Energy Measurement to 0.001 kWh: More decimal place in the energy consumption metric to 0.001Kwh (1W) helps you to view more accurate energy data. 


Energy Usage & Power Graphs  

With straightforward graphs, you can easily know when your appliances are consuming most power, and how much power they consume at different times. It can also display your power consumption in calendar view.

l  Energy Usage Graph: You can now check your total power consumption by day, month, or year.

① Day: Display the total power consumption of today in the past 24 hours, the minimum time interval is 1 hour.

② Month: Display the power consumption of this month, the minimum time interval is 1 day.

③ Year: Display the power consumption of the past 12 months, the minimum time interval is 1 month.


l  Power Graph: You can review the power data at different time during the past day or week.

① Day: Display the power value today from 00:00-24:00, the minimum time interval is 5 minutes.

② Week: Display the power value of the past 7 days, the minimum time interval is 1 hour.


Reset Energy Usage Data


Delete Energy Usage Data : Now you can find an option to reset the energy data to zero  easily without a factory reset.


Energy Calendar:

l Daily Energy usage in a Calendar: Display daily power consumption in the past 3 months and the Monthly electric bill.

l Visualizing electric consumption with colors: Use color of blue, orange and red to represent lower, average and higher scales of electric consumption values.


Electric Bill Calculator:

l Bill of past 30 days: Display the accumulated electric bill of past 30 days.  You can iput your electricity rate, to get an estimated cost of the power consumed by each connected device. Tapo app has Singular Billing or Periodic Billing two types of billing.


1. the price unit by default is consistent with the unit of the Tapo Care subscription.
2. Electric Bill in the app provides an estimated cost for reference only, the electricity costs in real world depends on your electric company.

l  When To Use Singular billing:

Select Singular billing if you have a fixed-rate energy plan. Fixed-rate means that the price you pay per kilowatt-hour (kWh) stays the same throughout your usage.

Calculation formula:  bill of this month= (electricity rate per kWh) x (total energy consumption of this month).


l  When To Use Periodic billing

Select Periodic billing if you have a variable-rate energy plan. Variable-rate means that the price you pay per kilowatt-hour (kWh) could go up or down in a day or different seasons of a year. 

You can set variable electricity rates by Winter and Summer , Workday and weekends, Peak and Off-peak hours.


① Winter and summer
  1. Summer  (customizable): May 1st – Oct. 31th
  2. Winter (customizable): Nov. 1st –  April 30th 
  3. Customize time range

② Workdays and weekends


③ A day divided into 3 periods: off-peak, mid-peak, peak.
Calculation formula: bill of this month = (peak hours x peak hour price)+ (mid-peak hour x mid-peak hour price)+ (off-peak hours x off-peak price)


Tapo Power Protection 

l Power Sensing as Trigger: you can set Auto Power Off for the connected device when its power exceeds your customized threshold. This feature can help to protect your electronics and prevent fire accidents caused by electrical overload.

l  Customized threshold: You can manually set threshold by dragging the scroll bar left and right.

Adjustable range:1W-3670W
Minimum adjustment unit:10W

l Notification reminder: When plug detects overload, it will turn off automatically and send a push notification to your mobile device.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1: Why the energy cost is not calculating correctly? 

It is possible that electricity rate was ever changed in the Electric Bill settings: 
The new electricity rate will only be applied to the new-generated energy consumption (kWh) afterwards, the previous data still use the old electricity rate.  


If the electricity rate has been changed, the formula to calculate your electricity bill is : 
Cost = (kilowatt-hours)  x (Old electricity rate)+ (kilowatt-hours) x ( New electricity rate)


[Troubleshooting Tips ]

Try to reset energy usage data and test the Bill function again: 
1. Reset energy data in the app
2. Select Singular Bill
3. Input the Electricity rate *pay attention not change the price during test
4. Check if the Cost of follow the formula: (kilowatt-hours) of this month x electricity rate



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Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update-Solution
2022-12-05 11:45:12 - last edited 2022-12-05 11:45:25
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Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-24 15:47:39 - last edited 2022-10-24 16:20:09


It is a really good news, thank you, we all missed this feature. Though I see some glitch in the energy monitoring... Why is already there energy consumption for 28th October and 30th October?? Today is 24th October, these dates are in future

( hint: I'm pretty sure this is my last month consumption, so the month is September) 

Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-25 01:55:54

  @NyGabor Thank you.The new feature is just being released, and we did notice some cases discussing similar phenomena. We've shared your feedback here with our team to look into it.I believe those will be taken care of soon and will let the community know for any update. Appreciated for your patience~

Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-26 00:38:09 - last edited 2022-10-26 03:03:46


Great new features!  I hadn't even spotted the energy calendar!


I spotted a bug in the "Periodic Billing":



When picking the start-Time/End-Time for either Summer or Winter then the selectors and the values selected are out by "1"


e.g I need to scroll to September in order to choose October

or I need to scroll to 12 in order to choose 13






Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-26 01:32:22



I hadn't spotted the energy calendar because the icon is greyed out and non-functional on all of my P110 devices :-(

How do I enable this?


I also noted that in the "energy monitoring" graphs


- I get data under "Day"   (for the last 7 days I can swipe left/right to move forwards backwards a day)

- I also get data under "Year" - just one column for this month - fair enough I've only had the Tapos 2-3 weeks


However under "Month" here's no graph, just a grey checklist like icon and the text "There's no data yet"

- which is strange since it does show at least 7 days of daily data

Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-26 02:23:19

 Hello  @TimMoss 

Thank you for sharing your feedback and improvement suggestions. 

-  For Energy Calander or missing graph

Can you confirm the Tapo APP is up-to-date? Try to force close the app and reopen the application, or you could also test a different phone if you got one.


-For '  Summer or Winter then the selectors and the values selected are out by "1" ' 

That's a scroll bar for time selector on Winter/Summer,  you can scroll it from 1 to 31 and choose a date quickly.


If still the same, can I know the model of your phone and its OS version, please attach some photos here to us better understand the problem, thanks!

For any improvement suggestions, I suggest Starting a New Topic in the feature request board and users who are interested could 'vote' and comment for it. 

Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-26 03:02:15 - last edited 2022-10-26 03:10:04



Yes no problem.


I updated the App

It is now on version 2.10.6 on iPhone 6S running iOS 15.7


I have forced closed the app as well

but get the same behavior



Some screenshots below to help clarify:



Here you can see the issue setting start time and end time for summer/winter.


To choose "March 26"  I have to scroll to "February 25"

     because the labels in the sliders start at "December" not "January" and 31 not 01 respectively

     meaning the actually selected values are out by 1 month/day


You can also see ehre that the "SAVE" option top left is greyed out and inactive this happens anytime I go into "periodic billing"

most of the time but not always the settings are saved when I leave the screen







Here you can see the greyed out energy calendar icon - nothing happens if I press it

You can also see that although "Day" and "Year"  graphs show some data "Month" does not:





Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-27 11:46:43

Thank you for the post and explaining all the new features, it looks far more useful than the previous version.


I am using version 2.10.6 on Android with firmware 1.1.2 Build 220930 Rel. 144500


Similar to others, I have found an oddity with the graphing.  I reset the data because I was seeing data for days in the future, as has already been mentioned in this forum thread.


Having done this Day and Month now both read 'There is no data yet' but the 'Year' graph shows the correct accumulative total for October.

I guess there are still some bugs to iron out!


Thanks for a much improved app though, especially the ability to enter a price per unit.

It's great that the current power usage now updates automatically every few seconds, it was a pain to have to keep switching back and forward to see an up to date figure!

It's also good to see that the figures on the graphs (when they appear) now show thousandths of Watt hours rather than tenths - much more useful.


It's a pity the new firmware has broken the API for homemade software for accessing the historic data. 

Perhaps an Export feature could be added to the app to allow the data to be retrieved, then I wouldn't need to write my own software to do this.

Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-27 11:50:16



Whilst I appreciate there are problems with the Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update at present and that they are being investigated, can I ask a question that will become important at the end of the year?


In both 'Day' view and 'Month' view you can swipe to go back (7 days or 3 months) as indicated by the dots:


In year view there is no such indicator.


The question is what will happen on the 1st January 2023? Will the now 'previous' year (2022) history suddenly become unavailable?


On a second note, the date format in 'month' view in the popup and the axis displays MM/DD. It would be preferable for the UK for the option to be DD/MM or for consistency just use '27 Oct' in the popup, and remove the MM from the axis.

Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-27 12:11:23


Thank you for asking! It's cool to find out that we can view the past 7 days/ past 3 months by selecting dots below.yes

For the year energy usage graph, I will need to double-check with our team about it and see if last year's data will be still there or replaced by the next year’s data directly (so far it is likely to be replaced by the page of 2023). 

The date format can be based on location be very useful, we will add this into request list for consideration, it is also encouraged to this idea in the Feature request board~

Re:Tapo Plug Energy Monitoring 2.0 Update
2022-10-27 12:25:10


Thank you for taking the time to sharing the experience with the new Energy Monition 2.0. Glad to know you like it!heart

We are collecting some feedback and problem reported here, and the team is looking into them. We appreciate your patience while we're trying to make it useful and much better, 

Exporting Energy data has been one of the popular requests with energy monitoring, we encourage you also sharing the comment in >>Tapo Feature Request Board, therefore we better gather the suggestions and share them with our team. Thank you!



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