KL130 Bulbs disconnect from Kasa App & WiFi

KL130 Bulbs disconnect from Kasa App & WiFi
KL130 Bulbs disconnect from Kasa App & WiFi
2020-11-24 10:19:17
Model: KL130
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

My setups consists of;

- Fast internet service

- Good wifi coverage in and around home

- WiFi provided via 3 x Google Nest WiFi Access Points

- I have approx 45 devices connected to my wifi network.

- 7 x KL130 bulbs on 1 switch (driveway lights)

- 3 x KL130 bulbs on 2nd switch (poolside lights)



The issue is that they disconnect from WiFi and the Kasa App after a few minutes from coming online.

When they were first installed and added to the network and app, they were left switched on (from light switch) and scheduled via the app to turn on at sunset and off at 10pm.

This worked fine for a month or so.

Then something happened (not sure what though) and they started to appear offline on app and also the router.

Some nights they would turm on but not turn off because they would lose the connection from the app or network.

Now I have them all off from the switch.

When I turn the switch on, they all show online. After a few minutes, they start to come offline one by one.

I have tried the 5 switch off and back on to reset the settings but this has not fixed the issue.

What could the issue be.

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Re:KL130 Bulbs disconnect from Kasa App & WiFi
2020-12-10 06:32:36



Thank you very much for your time and patience.

Sorry for the delay.

Did you still have the unstable issue with KL130s?

If yes, could you please help me check the following information:

1. What is the modem number of your home router?

2. Have you tried to reserve the static IP address for all the smart light bulbs?

3. If possible, please try to change the wireless channel on the google Wi-Fi to be channel 11 for 2.4ghz;

4. Are you able to create a guest Wi-Fi with 2.4ghz only and leave several bulbs to connect to the guest Wi-Fi to see if the issue existed?

Please make sure the firmware and APP versions are all up to date.


Thanks a lot.