KC Camera

KC Camera
KC Camera
2021-07-14 02:43:54
Model: KC100
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 2.3.6

I have 2pcs KC100, 1 pc KC110 & 1pc EC70 Camera using from 2020, I am using Android system for the Kasa app and they are working well at my home.

But starting from June 2021, I cannot view all my detected motion from the app, it had below notice while I want to view the video.

"Clip Unavailable - The clip can't be played because something went wrong while uploading from your Kasa Cam."

I tried to restart all camera, and my mesh wifi router, but it seems not working.

Could you please help me about this issue. Thank you.

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Re:KC Camera
2021-07-16 08:24:42

@RinChui Good day, 


Thank you for your valuable feedback, here are some suggestions and feel free to let us know if it works for you. 


Step 1

Check the network diagram of the home network, make sure the Kasa Cam is not connected to a range extender.

Step 2

Change the DNS server on the router to for a try.

Step 3

Disable the firewall and Antivirus settings on the router and modem.

Step 4

Check if there are any advanced settings on the router blocking the Kasa Cam, such as Access Control.


If issue persists, can you help confirm some details here:
-Did you try to watch the video clip within 2 days, may I have a photo of the Error message? 

-the model of your wifi router :
-How about your network topology:
-Model of your phone and its IOS / Android version:
- Tapo app version (make sure its up to date )