[Troubleshooting] Tapo Camera Notification Issues

[Troubleshooting] Tapo Camera Notification Issues
[Troubleshooting] Tapo Camera Notification Issues
2021-07-23 09:29:50 - last edited 2021-08-06 02:33:26

This Article Applies to:

All Tapo Cameras, such as Tapo C310/C200/C210/C100 etc.


Tapo Camera Notification Processing Introduction: 


Case1: Motion is not detected or Camera Alarm never being tripped

When a motion is detected, the camera will start recording and set off an alarm:

1. Follow the guide to check you've set a proper Activity Zone and the Sensitivity is High:

How to use motion detection function of my Tapo camera in Tapo app


2.  Enabled Motion Detection and other related settings on Tapo app as below:



Motion Detection  (Camera Settings>Detection & Alert)          


Activity Notification 



ON  &  All Day

Camera Detection Messages  (Me>Camera Detection Messages)


Case2: Motion detection messages not being pushed in the Message Center on Tapo APP

1. REBOOT Tapo Camera first.

2. Confirm camera firmware version and Tapo APP are both up-to-date.

3. Enabled Camera Detection Messages (APP > Me > Camera Detection Messages) as photo above.

4. Set Camera Alarm ON for a test and see if alarm goes off properly when the motion is detected. If Alarm does not work, refer to Case1.


Case3: Motion detection messages come through Message Center but no notifications received on the phone

1. REBOOT Tapo Camera first.

2. Confirm camera firmware version and Tapo APP are both up-to-date.

3. Turn off Battery save mode for Tapo app on the phone.

IOS: SettingsBattery > Low power mode OFF

Android: Settings > Device care/ Battery Optimization Low power mode OFF

e.g. Honor 10 running Android 10 EMUI 10 (shared by @TapoUserNum448):

Go  to Settings > Apps > then Options click for ''Special Access'' where you'll find the battery optimization.  Find Tapo and click to change to Not Allowed. You'll get a ''this app will drain your battery..'' OK to that. 

4. Ensure the Tapo APP is allowed to run in background.

5. Ensure the Tapo app is not blocked from sending notifications by any anti-virus installed on your mobile phone.


Case 4: Cannot get any notifications only when phone is out of home Wi-Fi or on 3G/4G mobile data

If phone can get notifications when connected to home Wi-Fi, but cannot get any notifications when they are connected to a non-local Wi-Fi or on 3G/4G mobile data:

1. Try a phone which use a different SIM provider.

2. Connect phone to a different non-local Wi-Fi network from workplace, restaurant etc.

If the issue is related to a particularly service provider, contact ISP and check firewall on their side.

If the issue is not particularly with a certain SIM or internet provider, collect camera log and details as per this guide.



If the camera still have notification problem, please create a support email to support@tp-link.com with the subject [TP-Link Forum ID 271186] Tapo Camera Notification Issues. Be sure to provide below details: 

1. Model of mobile phone and its OS version.

2. log of camera: How to Get the Log of Tapo Camera?  https://www.tp-link.com/support/faq/3151/

3. Model & MAC address of camera.

4. (for Motion is not detected or Camera Alarm never being tripped) Photos Motion Detection settings + a photo Message Center.

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Re:[Troubleshooting] Tapo Camera Notification Issues
2021-08-02 10:19:21

Insert an SD card into the camera. 2) On the APP, please go to Camera Settings -> Advanced Settings -> enable Diagnose. The log file will be stored on the SD card. 3) Reboot the camera.