NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210

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NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210

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NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-04-06 06:55:29
Model: Tapo C210  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.1.13

Hi all,


I have a Tapo C210 camera. I have an 4gb microSD card in the camera which can record up to approx 24hrs worth of footage, which is ample for my use, and I have no issues with the camera recording motion detection events and then viewing the playback on the Tapo app etc...everything works fine there.


I also have a Qvis NVR (Network Video Recorder) which is ONVIF compatible and I was able to easily add this Tapo C210 camera to one of my channels which enabled me to see the Live stream and up to very recently, my Qvis NVR was able to record all the motion detection trigger events too, which was great.


I have four other CCTV cameras, and instead of using all their individual camera apps, I was able to log in to the QVIS NVR app (which is called "Superlive Plus") and view all my various cameras live streams in the one place and playback all their recordings, either viewing them directly on my NVR itself or via the SuperLive Plus app whenever I was away from home.


My NVR picked up all the motion detection events from my Tapo C210 camera and recorded them directly onto the NVR with no issue.


Plus, my Live Stream screen on my NVR monitor showed the motion trigger icon (a little yellow person running) whenever motion was detected, plus, in addtion to this, I was able to use the PTZ functions etc.


Basically, anything that took place on the Tapo App, I was able to see or do on my NVR device or via the SuperLive Plus app. 


Then one day my daughter accidently plugged out my Tapo camera. I hadn't noticed it was plugged out for a few days, but once I did, I just plugged it back into the wall, and the Tapo camera went through it's reboot sequence and started up again. 


The live stream appeared back on my NVR and on my SuperLive Plus app, and also on the Tapo App. I didn't notice any issues. But on Monday this week, I went into view something and I noticed that there was no recordings for the past few days from just the Tapo camera. All my other cameras had their recordings there as usual.


So, the motion detection recording functionality had suddenly stopped working via only the Tapo C210 camera....I can still view the live stream, and I can manually record a live event, but when I go to preview any motion detection events, it is no longer being recorded on the NVR. 


Plus the live stream screen no longer shows the motion trigger icon (the little yellow person running) anymore on my NVR. Why are the motion triggers are not being picked up on the NVR anymore?


There has been no changes to the firmware on NVR - that had been working away as normal, and all my other cameras record as normal, so I checked the firmware update on the Tapo C210 and noticed there was an update available.


Thinking this might be the solution as to why the motion detection function and event recording was suddenly not working, I accepted the update.  Unfortunately, this update didn't do anything to re-activate the motion detection recording function on my NVR. It is still not triggering the motion detection, so there is no recordings.


However, All motion detection events are still being triggered and recorded on the Tapo app via my SD card. 


One new thing I noticed was in

"Advanced Settings" 

"Camera Account"

where you type your Username and Password, there is message that I had never seen before saying:

"Note: Tapo Care works best with one of the NVR or microSD card recording, not both. At this point, the NVR recording will be disabled. To restart recording on the NVR, remove the microSD card from the camera"


I thought that perhaps with the new firmeware update, that this was the reason that the NVR has suddenly stopped recording....so I took the microSD card out. 

But there was no change. 


The NVR is still not picking up any motion detection trigger events from the Tapo C210 camera.....but this message gives me hope that there is still NVR recording functionality available. 


Something has changed in my settings, and I can't see what it is.


I'm hoping that someone can help me with this....how can I get the motion detection function from the Tapo C210 camera to start working again on my NVR?


What am I missing???


Is there a setting I need to reset? Thanks so much in advance for any advice you can offer.


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Re:NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-04-08 01:54:31

Hello   @CarMul 


Please first check if motion detection is triggered  on camera: try to turn on Alarm on tapo camera and see if alarm goes off when motion is detected? 

If camera does not detect the motion, try to check Activity Zone/ Sensitivity settings and turn ON Motion Detection as guide blow

How to use motion detection function of my Tapo camera in Tapo app


If still the same, factory reset tapo camera and reinstall it, turn on motion detection then add camera back into NVR (with SD card unplugged temporary) and see if the motion is detected on NVR? 

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Re:NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-04-08 14:56:39 - last edited 2022-04-08 14:57:32

Thanks so much for the reply Solla-topee, I really appreciate it. I did try all those suggestions you mentioned previously.


The camera does trigger the alarm when I walk by, and also there is motion detection recordings on the SD card, so the camera itself is able to detect the motion. No issues there.


However, I'm going to spend this afternoon going through everything again to see if I can get the NVR to record what the Tapo camera is seeing. I'll follow all the steps again....and will take out the SD card too etc.


Can I ask the community if everyone else can currently record the motion detection footage from their Tapo Camera onto their NVR? And does their NVR trigger the motion detection screen icon on their screen or monitor, like what I used to see up until last week?


In other words, I'm wondering has it just happened to me that this function has suddenly stopped working, or is everybody experiencing the same issue recently?

Re:NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-04-09 00:05:38 - last edited 2022-04-09 00:09:34


 Tried everything. Spent hours on this. No joy.


I confirm that the motion detection is enabled on both the C210 camera and NVR. 


I confirm the alarm goes off on the C210 when I pass by and trigger the camera.


I confirm that the recording schedule is switched on to motion detection and I have "selected all" to record motion detection at all times. There is a full orange display selected.


I took out the SD card and did a reboot. But it didn't change anything. 


My NVR is still not picking up any motion detection triggers or recording the motion detection anymore from the C210 camera.


The NVR is recording all motion detection perfectly through my other cameras. So my NVRs settings are clearly OK.


I can see the C210s live stream perfectly on the NVRs monitor and I can record footage manually onto my NVRs hard-drive and the footage is there on the playback. 


It just won't record the motion trigger footage from the C210 camera anymore. Why would this be?


I searched back on the NVR hard-drive to find out the exact day it stopped recording. It was 27th March at approx 4am. 


My dogs movement triggered the motion detection and those few minutes were recorded on the NVRs hard-drive, then it suddenly stopped and absolutely nothing has been recorded after that date.


Was there a firmware change on this date possibly?


Coincidently, this was the night that the clocks went forward. 


Could there be a connection to why there has been no recording on the NVRs harddrive since that time?


Could the daylight saving time (DST) change have anything to do with it?


I have checked the time settings on the Tapo C210 camera and the NVR they both appear to be showing same time. The DST box is ticked as "enabled" on the NVR. 


But is it possible there could there be a time sync conflict causing an issue?


Hope someone can help, thanks!


Re:NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-05-03 05:23:37 - last edited 2022-05-03 06:16:16

My Tapo C210 is still not recording motion trigger footage onto my NVRs hard-drive.


Edited to add: I confirm I have the latest firmware installed. Version 1.1.16 Build 220119 Rel.41999n


Hoping someone might have a possible answer for this?


Or if someone would even respond to my questions in my previous post?


If anyone had a similar issue could they share what steps they took to fix it?

Re:NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-06-13 19:28:46



We have a similar issue, but on a C310 with FW: 1.1.12 Build 211126 Rel. 15622n(4555). For us none of the video streams via ONVIF profile works. 


As described the error message never disaperars, with our without microSD card. Same after factory reset.


After some investigation I can conclude that it's possible to access the core RTSP stream with rtsp://ip-address:554/stream1 but not through the ONVIF configuration. 


Would be happy if anyone could explain whats wrong or if the camera is going back to tp-link!



Re:NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-06-14 06:41:01 - last edited 2022-06-14 06:49:48

  @M_LU  Thanks for the reply. I hope you get your answer!!


I'm still waiting as you can see. 


Yes, I still have no motion trigger footage recording from the C210 onto my NVR! Very disappointing. 


Can't understand how for months and months a function can be there and then it just suddenly stops in middle of the night, for no apparent reason.


Nothing had been altered with the camera settings - we were all asleep!


But now since that date, this function cannot be reinstated no matter what I try.


It's a very basic requirement to want to have your camera to record the motion detection events and have playback capabilities via your network digital recording device. But this camera model no longer does it...so it is useless to me.


Might have to look into getting a different brand as this camera is not doing what I need of it.


It's real pity I cannot recommend this brand to anyone anymore.

Re:NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-06-15 02:59:49

  Hello @CarMul 

Sorry for the late response.   From your description,  Tapo camera  motion detection still works and record motion triggerd video clips into SD card, but Qvis NVR software does not detect the motion detection, it is also recommended to reach NVR support and see if they have any suggestion with this. 

You mentioned there are other CCTV cameras, does NVR motion detection works on other cameras? 

To better assist with your case, I created a support email TKID220615676 and escalate your case, please check your email inbox later. 

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Re:NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-06-15 03:22:57

  Hello @M_LU 

Please confirm Tapo APP is up-to-date.

This required some further troubleshooting, I noticed you have created a support email TKID220614608,we'd like to follow look into that further on support email.

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Re:NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-06-17 07:03:19

Thank you for the replies. smiley


I can confirm I have received a message from the TP-Link technical team and I have sent them an email message including the below information, which I am posting here also, to assist anyone else who may have this same issue. 

Sharing is caring!!!


My reply to them:


Yes, that is correct.  The camera is working perfectly on its own. It is NOT a detection issue - the TAPO C210 camera can record motion detection events onto the SD card. I have no issues with the cameras ability to record motion detection. 


I have not added the camera to the TP Care plan.


I have removed this camera from the NVR several times and then re-added it, but it doesn't change anything. 


The cameras live stream can be seen and I can record some minutes of footage manually by pressing the record button. I can playback this manually recorded footage. 


But it just will not pick up any of the motion detection footage though.


Yes, all my other cameras on this NVR are recording motion detection events as usual, including an another ONVIF enabled camera that I use.


I can only assume that issue is isolated to the TAPO C210 camera, as it is only this camera that the NVR cannot pick up on motion detection events. What is confusing is that it DID used to work before and also the motion detection "yellow running man" icon used to show up on the screen when motion was triggered - not anymore.


One thing I have noted, which might be helpful to solving this, is that when I reboot the TAPO C210 camera and it goes through its start up, it DOES record one or two seconds of footage from the camera while it is turning and setting up....but then it goes off. 


Is this a clue???


I have checked the NVRs firmware version:

It is Qvis Viper NVR

Current Version:


My NVR is set to "auto update" firmware updates, but I do note that the last update was 07 07 2020.


I am unsure if this is the latest firmware, or perhaps there is a newer version?


However, I am reminded that I was able to enjoy the TPLink camera motion detection function on the QVIS NVR until 27th March 2022 so the firmware, even if outdated, did not appear to be an issue. 


27th March was also the day the clocks went forward. I wondered was this something to do with the sudden change in its inability to pick up the motion detection events from the camera.


Thank you for your time so far,



As suggested, I will also reach out to the QVIS tech support too in case it is an issue from their end.


I can also confirm that the firmware on the TAPO C210 camera as I type today is:

Version 1.1.8 Build 220216 Rel.76024n (4555)


Hope that together we can find a solution? I remain hopeful. Thanks all!

Re:NVR suddenly not recording motion detection with Tapo C210
2022-06-27 07:39:32 - last edited 2022-06-27 07:39:52

 Hello  @CarMul 

Thank you for sharing more case details here, if you have a SD card , please enable diagnose mode on camera and help collect the log as suggested on TKID220615676 , you could share the log later with us via that support email, thank you

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