Tapo P110 Smart Plugs not pairing

Tapo P110 Smart Plugs not pairing

Tapo P110 Smart Plugs not pairing
Tapo P110 Smart Plugs not pairing
2023-03-02 20:14:40
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I spent about 2 hours trying to set up my P110 Smart Plugs without success .I noticed online that many people were

having the same problem so I was on the verge of returning them the following day. I was about to parcel them up when 

I thought I'd give them another go. Almost did exactly as before but when I came to enter the 2.4 Wi-Fi password I

entered each character individually rather than pressing the autofill and to my amazement it went on to complete the setup.

I still had 3 more to do and followed the same routine until the last one where I pressed the autofill to to enter the password 

and guess what, it it did'nt work until I entered it one character at a time. I now have 4 Tapo P110 Smart Plugs working perfectly.

I really hope this may help others in getting their plugs set up.

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Re:Tapo P110 Smart Plugs not pairing
2023-03-03 07:11:32



Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Have you cross-checked the auto-fill password and the wifi password? (Things that might be ignored: small and capital letters, space, dot, etc)


If there are several different saved passwords with similar account names (For example, the name TP-Link and the email address TP-Link@TP-Link.com.), it may cause problems if you choose the wrong one. 

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