Tapo L530B won't pair

Tapo L530B won't pair

Tapo L530B won't pair
Tapo L530B won't pair
2023-12-30 08:05:51 - last edited 2024-01-03 02:54:02
Model: Tapo L530B  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

TP-Link AX6000 router on 2.4Ghz [5Ghz turned off]. Tapo app Ver:3.1 on Samsung S21 Plus android 13.

Light is about 0.5M from router and so is my phone.

I log on to Tapo app, select a room, add a device, select lights, then L530, turn on the light when the says so, light begins to blink.

The app then says it will use a temporary wifi network to connect to Tapo_Bulb_BD99. I'm then told this network is not connected to the internet???

Then the app says it's connecting and the bulb slides into the phone image on the screen and goes to my 2.4ghz logon screen. I logon and the app goes to 'pairing your Tapo device . . ' for a long time. after about 30 seconds? the L530B blinks a few times and the app on my phone still says it's paring my Tapo device. . . 

Then after about a minute, it says 'Pairing Failed'.

I have now tried this 5 times with no success.

Please help me make these lights work.

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Re:Tapo L530B won't pair
2024-01-03 06:29:01



As it says, the Tapo smart bulb WiFi is used for configuration only, it's normal that it prompts No Internet. The mobile phone finds and connects to the smart device in this way, when they're under the same network. 


Here are some tips that might be helpful for this situation.

1. Check whether the Access Control (blacklist/ whitelist) is enabled on the router.

2. Disable VPN or the Ad-blocker Apps on the phone if any.

3. If there are multiple available WiFi, make sure your phone is connected to the same WiFi as the smart bulb in this step. 


Can you check what's the hardware and firmware version of the Archer AX6000 router? 


For comparison testing, try to connect the smart bulb to a 2.4GHz guest WiFi or a mobile hotspot, see if it works. 

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