Smart Home Automation -- Everything with Smart Action

Smart Home Automation -- Everything with Smart Action

Smart Home Automation -- Everything with Smart Action
Smart Home Automation -- Everything with Smart Action
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Smart Home Automation

Everything with Smart Action


Smart Action, a feature that revolutionizes your smart home automation experience, supporting both Shortcut and Automation to make whole-house automation possible and simpler than ever.


Shortcut, also known as scenes, allow for one-touch control of various devices or the activation and deactivation of certain automation rules. With the ability to switch scenes with a single swipe, you can easily move from a quiet movie night to an energetic party mode. Shortcuts avoid the inconvenience of unexpected changes, allowing you to easily stop home alarms or engage home security mode while leaving early (for example, enabling automation rules for surveillance and sensor alerts).


Automation makes daily living easier by automatically responding to changes in device status, time, or geographical location. Smart Action handles everything, from turning off camera surveillance and alarm systems to turning on room lighting and operating the coffee machine when you arrive home. It can also switch on a fan when the temperature increases and a humidifier when the humidity reduces.


Discover what Tapo Smart Action has to offer you! We've gathered all of the information you need about Tapo Smart Action here, so you can get a complete knowledge of its possibilities.




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