Tapo D230S1 and Google Home Speakers

Tapo D230S1 and Google Home Speakers

Tapo D230S1 and Google Home Speakers
Tapo D230S1 and Google Home Speakers
2024-05-29 09:17:22 - last edited 2024-05-31 09:08:55
Model: Tapo D230S1  
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I'm considering replacing a Google/Nest doorbell with a Tapo D230S1. I'm not clear about the compatibility with my current equipment. Specifically when the doorbell is pressed, will it notify through Google Home smart speakers and displays?


My current set-up is: Google Nest Doorbell - Google Home Speaker - Nest Aware. With that I'm notified through the speakers when someone presses the doorbell, plus the recordings are stored via the Nest aware service. I'm looking to add an external camera with Pan and Tilt. Tapo has one, but that isn't compatible with Google Home [on the phone] nor Nest aware storage plan.


That means that I need to take out a Tapo subscription for a camera. I'm only wanting to have one subscription for security recordings. The questions then are:

  1. If I replace the Google Doorbell with a Tapo Doorbell, can the one Tapo subscription cover both [and future] camera?
  2. Can a Tapo doorbell notify button presses through google home speakers?
  3. Can the Tapo doorbell video be viewed through the Google Home phone app? The Tapo external camera cannot, this is a real disapointment.


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Re:Tapo D230S1 and Google Home Speakers
2024-05-31 09:07:09



There are different Tapo Care plans for a different number of cameras. Find more details here: Get to Know TP-Link Tapo Care



Tapo doorbell supports voice notifications on Google Home (through Assistant speakers and displays), doorbell pressed notification is included. The live stream cannot be viewed on Google Home App or displays. 

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