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By Support-AZPC 4 hours ago

Installed an Omada Controller but I need to verified my TP-Link account

I installed a local Omada controller on my laptop 8 month ago, now i want to connect again and when i click on log on. I have a message -> Your account has not been verified. Please accept the invitat
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By ArturL 4 hours ago

Self hosted controller GENERAL ERROR when adopting ER605 gateway

Dear users; It is my first post here, but I feel cornered and need some help. I have a small office setup with Self Hosted Omada Controller (in Proxmox LXC), ER605v2 for the gateway, some EAPs and a 1
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By Hooch 5 hours ago

What is best way to replace router in Omada setup with OC200?

Hi, I have a whole house network with 4APs, 2 switches, OC200, and a router (ER7206). What is important is that I have a switch connected to the router. And that switch powers all APs and OC200 is als
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By Clive_A 11 hours ago

ER706W V1_1.1.1 Build 20240619 Beta Firmware for Omada Controller v5.13 (Released on Jul 17th, 2024)

This Article Applies to ER706W(UN) V1 1.1.1_Build 20240619 (Beta) Release Notes Bug Fixes: 1. Fixed the issue that URL filter and DPI does not take effect when browser enabled TLS 1.3 hybridized Kyber
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By jedigrover 12 hours ago

EAP225 v3 APs frequently lock-up / disconnect with 5.1.6 firmware

I have run 3 EAP225s in my setup for several years with no real issues. I finally decided to go further with Omada and deployed an OC200 & adopted the APs in (factory reset, then adopt & configure). T
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By BasMevissen 16 hours ago

EAP650-Outdoor very slow wifi with Android devices

Hi all, I recently acquired said Wifi AP for our outdoor living area. After some playing around with the internal web interface and Omada controller, I reset the device and installed it for actual use