Problem with MESH / SSID Settings

Problem with MESH / SSID Settings
Problem with MESH / SSID Settings
2022-05-15 17:14:09
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I recently purchased this extender (RE700X - Archer AX3000)  to go along with the AX10000 router.


I have two questions: a) about effectiveness the way it was set up, and b) visibility in the Tether app.


I followed the instructions using the Tether App to connect it to the router, and then placed it where needed. It APPEARS that it is working as intended.


However, in the Tether App, I do NOT see it, I only see the router.


Also, in the router UI, it shows NO Mesh devices connected. I can go to Advanced / OneMesh and Browse for available devices, and the extender shows up. But when I went to ADD it, it said that it would copy the wireless settings for SSID and passwords, but I did not want that. When I set up the extender, I was able to overwrite the default SSIDs, and I put in the SSIDs and passwords of the Guest networks. The reason is I am using the extender mostly for when guests come over, but also for internet devices such as outside cameras, switches, thermostat, etc., but for security reasons I do not want any access to my network from those devices.


But does this mean that the system is not functioning to its capacity? Or does the OneMesh only provide a seamless easy means to copy all of the wireless settings to the extender. I am not sure why I cannot choose to extend just the Guest network settings. And why can I not see the extender in the Tether app (Note: I just looked in the app under the compatible list, and it is not on the list. Huh? This is a pretty recent extender, so I am perplexed why it is not).


Thanks in advance.

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Re:Problem with MESH / SSID Settings
2022-05-16 03:07:53 - last edited 2022-05-16 03:10:18

 Hello  @FlaHockeyGuy 

Thank you for creating a detailed post. 

Currently Range extender need to connect to Router's Main network to use OneMesh feature, as Guest Wi-Fi of router does not have the hidden SSID to build OneMesh. 

If you need to use range extender to extend a Guest Wi-Fi  router to get an isolated network, you could only use RE as an ordinary extender.


For Tether APP not seeing range extender, this should be due to range extender is on the Guest network which is an isolated network.

If  connects the phone to the Guest Wi-Fi , you should be able to see the range extender.To manage range extender remotely, try binding TP-Link ID with range extender as UG page 21


OneMesh Guest network is a good idea ,it is recommended to start a feature request thread for router/RE so any user who request the same could comment and vote/thumb-up for this feature, this will help with the evaluation.