File Shares on Chromebook

File Shares on Chromebook
File Shares on Chromebook
2022-06-28 14:52:29
Model: Archer A7
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I have been trying to get my chromebook (pixelbook) to add file shares for the USB flash drive plugged into the router for some time now.  According to everything I have read, once the file share has been added to the pixel book, I can access it just like any other file on the pixel book.  Sounds good.


Here is what is working.  I can see the USB drive on my windows machine (XP, 7 and 10) no problem.  Using the app File Explorer on the pixelbook, I can access all the files on the USB flash drive. 


So you say, What is the problem?


The problem is that in order to email a file from the USB flash drive, I need to copy it over to the pixel book using File Explorer.  It would save so much time and agrivation to be able to just attach the file on the pixelbook to the email.  If I could get the USB flash drive on the router to be added to File Shares I could do this.


Windows machines can see this USB flash drive and the File Explorer app can see the USB flash drive, but not the chrome operating system.


Any ideas?



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Re:File Shares on Chromebook
2022-06-28 17:37:35

Hi @ricknbeachcrest,


If you can do what you are expecting to do on the Windows Computer, that means that you have everything set up correctly when it comes to the USB settings on the router.


This would leave one of two things, there is some sort of security setting on the router blocking the Chromebook or there is something happening on the Chromebook itself. When looking around Google, I found several threads stating that the native File Manager for ChromeOS has trouble detecting Network Attached Storage and Some File Shares.


Previously it looks like people were using an app from the Web Store that would allow the Chromebook to see the Storage. Unfortunately, this looks like it was removed. As this does not appear to be a setting or problem with the router, I would recommend visiting threads concerned with Connecting NAS (Networked Attached Storage) to Chromebook File Systems. They will have far more expertise on the topic and should be able to help find either a solution or workaround.


If you find a solution that works, please come back and tell us so that we can help create support articles on the topic for other users.