Deco X60 Range Extension

Deco X60 Range Extension
Deco X60 Range Extension
2022-08-04 14:02:14
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I have a Deco X60 system. I am trying to extend the wifi to my metal pole barn that is approximately 150 ft away from the nearest indoor part of my home, the garage. Currently, I have a Deco satelitte set up in the garage and three more in the house. I then have another deco satelitte in the pole barn. The satelitte in the pole barn is able to pick up on the signal from the garage and provides fast internet when it does, but it drops constantly. I am looking for a way to boost the signal so that I can have reliable internet out there. What are my options?

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Re:Deco X60 Range Extension
2022-08-04 16:47:43


It sounds like the Deco X60 in the barn is just at the maximum reach for your nodes in the device. Since you have a metal pole barn, you may be able to remedy this by trying to minimize the interference between the Decos. This could mean moving the deco in the barn so that it is next to a thinner wall or moving the device away from the metal exterior. You could also try moving the nodes inside of your house closer to see if it will provide a stable enough connection. Unfortunately, the metal shielding will make it very difficult for a reliable signal to be created without purchasing additional equipment.


Your best option for creating stable networking in your barn is to find a way to provide a hardwired connection to the node there. Ethernet signals can travel extremely long distances and can be buried, depending on the cable. 



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