Deco X55 won't setup with 10/100 WAN Port

Deco X55 won't setup with 10/100 WAN Port

Deco X55 won't setup with 10/100 WAN Port
Deco X55 won't setup with 10/100 WAN Port
2024-05-13 00:32:14
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Model: Deco X55  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version: 1.4.1

I have a 1500 foot ethernet <-> optical <-> ethernet bridge from my cable modem to my house. The ethernet interfaces are 10/100 as that seemed sufficient at the time I put in the system, and is still close enough to matching my ISP speed that I haven't bothered to upgrade the interfaces.


When I tried to set up my network with the a new Deco X55 system, it would get to the point where it was checking the internet connection, and eventually timeout and fail, there was no debug information, and support was fairly clueless (I had not told them about the bridge, so probably my fault).


I suspected the bridge might be the problem, so I walked one router to the modem, connected it to the router directly, and the setup completed normally. When I then installed the system in the house using the bridge it worked fine, just giving a warning message about "Abnormal Port Speed" with details that the port might not support gigabit speed.


I realize my situation is unusual, however it seems like a bug not allowing a connection check to complete if the port speed is low. At the very least there should be a warning about the reason for the failure.


I don't know what the lower port speed limit is which will allow the setup to complete, but users should be aware this may be a problem.

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Re:Deco X55 won't setup with 10/100 WAN Port
2024-05-15 20:36:20

 Hi @ppanish,


Thanks for joining our community!


I'd like to help clear up some confusion regarding the correlation/causation of the message you're seeing in the Deco app.


There is no correlation between the message you're seeing and the difficulty you encountered acquiring Internet connectivity during setup. Since your Internet connection is from a cable provider, they likely employ MAC (Media Access Control) Binding on their modems. This is commonplace for cable ISPs, and what it essentially does is "bind" your modem to the MAC address of your router.


What likely happened in your case is very common when switching between routers with a cable ISP. Your modem was bound to the MAC of your old router and didn't recognize the different MAC address on the Deco X55, so it wouldn't provide Internet connectivity to the mesh system. When replacing a router with a cable ISP, it is highly recommended that common steps be performed to release and renew MAC Binding. There are multiple ways to do it, but the most common involves power cycling the modem and router in a specific order. In your case, it sounds like the modem just needed to be directly connected to the Deco (bypassing the bridge) in order to bind to it.


As for the message you're receiving in the Deco app, you may be receiving it for a couple of reasons.


1. By far, the most likely reason is because you're using Fast Ethernet (10/100) interfaces in your existing system. Since the Deco's Gigabit Ethernet port is rated for up to 1000Mbps, the app may simply be notifying you that it is not running at its full potential due to the lower link speed negotiation. In this case, you can simply ignore the message since you are using existing 10/100 interfaces.


2. Much less likely: The message may be displayed in error. However, if you are not experiencing reductions in bandwidth (e.g., below the 10/100 limitations of your existing interfaces), then you can also ignore the message.


Re:Deco X55 won't setup with 10/100 WAN Port
2024-05-16 13:56:30



Thanks for the reply. I was a bit confused, since I'd had at least two other routers used in this way, and never had a problem. However there are a number of possible unknowns, including replacement of the modem in that time-frame, which could be possible explanations for the anomalous behavior, in addition to the reboot/power cycling of the modem.


Also, for what it's worth I miss-stated the configuration here. The device I'm using is not a bridge, it's an optical media converter which should be completely transparent to traffic.


At any rate, I appreciate the clarification.




Paul Panish



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