Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch HS220 cannot connect to wifi

Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch HS220 cannot connect to wifi
Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch HS220 cannot connect to wifi
2022-03-19 15:34:19
Model: HS220
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

Last June I installed TWO (2) HS220 switches both in the same room, same wifi.

Connected to Alexa, worked perfectly.

Today ONE (1), only one, of the two switches stopped working, not only through ALEXA but through the APP.

The other, to make it clear, still is working through the app and alexa.

I did the whole gammat of things, reset switch to factory settings, blinking orange green,

Checked on Firmware being updated (remember I have one identical switch still working)

Hard forced closing of app,

At long last I got it connected on the app and it again lost the app to smart switch connection,

greyed out.

I did the whole thing again, also deleting the greyed out app, trying to install.

I am on wifi with data LTE shut off. I even did a power out to the switch. I get to the point that it is trying to find

the wifi. The wifi works with all other smart devices and with my android phone, perfectly.

All smart devices, including three other kasa smart devices work fine.

But the Kasa wifi when I try to connect it finds the network but indicates there in no internet connection,

which, as detailed above is NOT true. In trying to connect it will disconnect my wifi and pull open the

data mobile connection which I have turned off.


HELP? My conclusion is something is wrong in the little "brain" chip of the swtich.






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Re:Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch HS220 cannot connect to wifi
2022-03-21 05:43:13

Hello  @Tejiyas 


Please ensure correct Wi-Fi password is put in when set up your smart device

  • How to Verify Router Wi-Fi password? 
    •  Forget router Wi-Fi on your mobile phone and manually input Wi-Fi password to verify router’s Wi-Fi password is correct.   ( Phone Settings > Wi-Fi >tap router's Wi-Fi SSID to forget network or Long press wifi name to delete the Wi-Fi profile)
  • Turn Off VPN on the phone when set up  the smart switch


May I know when to reconfigure the switch, at which step the set up failed, and how about the led status on switch , is it Flash green or Red color? 

You could try to connect switch to a mobile hotspot wifi for a test, later reset it and relink it to router wifi. 

Re:Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch HS220 cannot connect to wifi
2022-03-21 06:17:29

  @Solla-topee I have written all the details above.


1. I already have other HS220 switches connected to the same wif/router, with no problems

2. This device was working fine since July and just suddenly lost connection

3. I active the factory reset and pairing on the dimmer switch HS220 it flashes between orange and green.

4. The LTE data is off on the phone, the phone is on wifi data

5. I go to establish the TP-LINK with wifi, find the device,

6. my internet shows connected an all apps on the phone easily connect to wifi

7. BUT TPLINK shows "excellent signal strength, but "no internet".




Re:Kasa Smart Dimmer Switch HS220 cannot connect to wifi
2022-03-22 00:42:32 - last edited 2022-03-22 00:48:18

Hi  @Tejiyas 


  • 'TPlink Smart XX' default SSID is for APP to find smart device and that smart WiFi has No Internet,  after it phone has connected tp tp-link smart wifi, go back to APP set up and APP will try to look for smart device. 


  • Please follow APP instructions to set up the smart device, when app guides to connect to Kasa_Smart Switch_ XX SSID (smart  device default SSID is an open Wi-Fi without Internet access, it will be gone after smart device successfully connected to router's Wi-Fi)
  • iOS: Go to the Settings page, click on the Wi-Fi  to connect to the Smart device’s Wi-Fi manually, then go back to app to continue set up

Android: Android phone will look for smart device automatically, if not or could not find  device,  manually connect to Smart device's Wi-Fi, go back to APP and continue set up.


  • You could try a different phone to set it up if you got one. 

If still the same, may I have a photo of the error message, android or IOS version of your phone.