Issues Connecting KL110 Bulbs Google Home

Issues Connecting KL110 Bulbs Google Home
Issues Connecting KL110 Bulbs Google Home
2022-05-22 14:09:08 - last edited 2022-05-22 16:33:29
Model: KL110
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.8.11

3 KL110 bulbs. Consistently offline in Google Home app.. When I open the Google Home app, it says loading next to device and then offline. When it works, it has loading next to the device and then works.  I have waited 36 hours or so as usually TP-Link cloud self-corrects Unsure what is causing delay but I suspect it's your cloud that is slowing things down. Have LIFX bulbs that do not have the "loading" message. None of my other devices have that "loading" either. Only the 3 KL110 bulbs. Have factory reset bulbs 3x. Used "sync my devices " command. Someone there needs to deal with your cloud. Google cloud contacts TP-Link cloud, Then TP-Link sends command back to Google. Instead it says "Sorry, I couldn't reach TP-Link Kasa" even if it turns on the lamp.


Kasa app version 2.37.2, build 1056. Google Home app version


Router is Asus RT-AX58U with latest firmware. Disabled 802.11ax mode on router to troubleshoot bulbs. No extenders or AP nodes. Made sure I connected to least used wifi channel in neighborhood,channel 11.  Channel bandwidth 20MHz.


Phone is Pixel 4a 5g also connected to Wifi 2.4 GHz. Android 12.

Bulb closest to router -36 dBm. Bulb furthest away -51 dBm. The one in between other two is -52 dBm (outside porch light). Don't feel comfortable posting Mac addresses publicly.


Only change was an extended power outage and had to reset all devices. All other devices are up and running with no issues including 2 LIFX bulbs, 6 Nest devices,TVs,PS5, etc.  Plenty of bandwidth. Using AT&T fiber. Prior to outage all bulbs performed reliably. Not sure what else to try. I have factory reset each 3 times. Completely removed TP-Link Kasa from linked services in Google Home App, restarted phone prior to factory reset. I believe it's the cloud causing delays and causing bulbs to go offline when it doesn't receive the command fast enough.

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Re:Issues Connecting KL110 Bulbs Google Home
2022-05-24 01:35:24 - last edited 2022-05-24 01:48:11

  Hello @MoInSTL 

Thank you for the detailed post.

When issue occurs, please confirm you could control device in Kasa APP remotely when phone in on LTE mobile data, does this work fine? 

May I know do you have other kasa devices , do they work fine in Google home APP? 

Can you take a photo of the error message with time and share the photo with us.

Please share the address of smart bulb with us via private message, thank you.