Can't Get Bulbs to Hard Reset & Reconnect

Can't Get Bulbs to Hard Reset & Reconnect

Can't Get Bulbs to Hard Reset & Reconnect
Can't Get Bulbs to Hard Reset & Reconnect
2022-10-09 19:33:26 - last edited 2022-10-09 19:35:37
Model: KL135P2  
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I have 2 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulbs, model #KL135.  They have been working fine on my network for a few months.  Recently I accidentally paused them in my Google Home app, forgot they were paused, and today was wondering why they weren't working.  I deleted them from the Kasa app before I realized the problem.


So, I unpaused them in the Google Home app, and am trying to set them up again, but to no avail.  So I decided to hard reset the bulbs and start over, but I'm having 2 problems:

- first, when I turn the bulbs on and off 5 times to hard reset, the bulbs flash different colors of yellow and different brightnesses, but they do not blink 3 times, so they don't seem to be resetting.

- in the Kasa app, I try to re-add them and the app gets up to the point where you can select "the bulb didn't blink 3x", then it asks to change wifi to Kasa.  It connects to Kasa, recognizes the bulb, but then goes to the error "Unable to Connect to Your Smart Bulb Wi-Fi", and I can't go any further.


The location is fine, signal strength is fine, and I'm not running w/ a VPN.  You're advice would be greatly appreciated!




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Re:Can't Get Bulbs to Hard Reset & Reconnect
2022-10-11 03:10:18


It's a good step to factory reset the bulb before reinstallation.  If the bulb broadcast Kasa Smart _Bulb XX WiFi, the bulb should be reset successfully. 

For error "Unable to Connect to Your Smart Bulb Wi-Fi",

Please try some tips in  Case 2 Unable to Connect to Your smart device’s Wi-Fi

What should I do if I fail to configure the Kasa device?


Make sure the VPN or some security software like Lookout, AdGuard on the phone are off, for IOS, enable Local network permission or try a different phone. 


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