EP10 plugs and routines

EP10 plugs and routines

EP10 plugs and routines
EP10 plugs and routines
2022-12-05 15:24:28

Just throwing this out there as a discovered solution ( to my problem ) as it may help others.  I can't specifically say if its an Alexa or Kasa issue.


Alexa will not turn on my plugs unless they are the first actions of a routine.


My "good morning" routine initially consisted, of and was working fine with, my prior brand of plugs:

   playing an iheart radio station

   setting my Echo Dot's volume

   turning on plug #1

   turning on plug #2


My "good night" routine consisted of:

  stopping playback

  turning off plug #1

  turning off plug #2


My "good morning" fails to turn on either plug ( or both when tried as a group ) as listed above.  If I rearrange the action order so that the plugs are first, the routine works fine.  After verifying correct function, moving them back down the order will fail to turn them on yet again.  The failure happens when told to toggle them on, or explicitly to turn them on.  Toggling them off works without regard to action order.


The "good night" works without regard to action order.

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Re:EP10 plugs and routines
2022-12-06 17:39:17 - last edited 2022-12-06 17:40:09


Thanks for posting this, I will try to reach out to the rest of the teams to see if they have ever seen a similar behavior. As the routine works when you change a setting in the Alexa app, I am led to believe that this is a bug on the Alexa side of things. I will reply back if I hear anything from the team.


Have you only noticed this with these devices? Or does this impact other models and brands?

Are you still able to control each plug independently with Alexa?

If not, I would recommend unlink your Kasa account from Alexa and reconnecting your TP-Link Account, as this will force Alexa to refresh the settings for all your devices.

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