Introducing TP-Link Community Tech Talks

Introducing TP-Link Community Tech Talks

Introducing TP-Link Community Tech Talks
Introducing TP-Link Community Tech Talks
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Introducing TP-Link Community Tech Talks

Building off what our teams started with our recent AMA, our Product Team is committed to closely working with our community members to get a better understanding of how everyone is adopting the newest technologies, what you would like to see in future product lines and to encourage discussion on soon-to-release or recently released technologies such as Matter or Wi-Fi 7.


What Topics Are Planned and Can I Suggest A Topic for Future Talks?

The topics of the first discussions have been planned by our product team, however, we will also be including topics submitted by the community as well. Some of the planned topics revolve around the newest protocols and technologies, but we also have plans for large-form discussions to gather your feedback regarding your experience with TP-Link products, services, and integrations.


What Makes Tech Talks Different?

These threads are extremely important to our team and as a result, it may take longer to respond to your post than normal. We encourage users to continue the discussion among themselves while our team investigates and reaches out to other departments to ensure a detailed and complete response. For this reason, we intend to leave these discussions open for a period of a few weeks.


Why Are There Questions if it's an Open Discussion?

While we would like each thread to be considered an open forum for discussions and not just a Q&A, each post may include a set of questions from our engineering and product development teams, often to gauge your interest in particular aspects of a technology or to guide the conversation toward the feedback that the teams are currently in need of.



If you would like to suggest a topic, please feel free to do so in the comments below:



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