Tapo H100 : Sub-G Smart Hub with Chime

Tapo H100 : Sub-G Smart Hub with Chime

Tapo H100 : Sub-G Smart Hub with Chime
Tapo H100 : Sub-G Smart Hub with Chime
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 We're excited to announce the release of the new Tapo H100, the first Sub-Ghz Smart Hub from TP-Link – bringing with it two sensors a motion and contact sensor for doors and windows

The Tapo H100 is the perfect way to take your smart home to the next level. Order your Tapo H100 today and start enjoying all the benefits of a connected home. 

Reliable Long-Range Connections: Keep sub-devices connected at all times through the robust wireless network. 

Low-Power Wireless Protocol: Make connected devices work energy-efficiently, promising longer standby time. 

Smart Alarm/Security System: The Tapo H100 can be used to create a smart alarm system that will alert you with its equipped siren of any suspicious activity

Smart Doorbell: Pair it with Tapo Smart Button (Coming Soon) to build your smart doorbell system with 19 different ringtones to choose from


The Tapo H100 Smart Hub with Chime, Tapo T100 Smart Motion Sensor and Tapo T110 Smart Contact Sensor. Together, these new additions work seamlessly to provide real-time monitoring, instant alerts and custom actions triggered by opening a door or passing by a motion sensor.  


Read More About Tapo’s Low Power Wireless Protocol


Buy the H100 Sub-GHz Smart Hub on Amazon | Official Product Page



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