Purpose of H200 Hub

Purpose of H200 Hub

Purpose of H200 Hub
Purpose of H200 Hub
2024-04-23 17:21:54
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I'm confused as to what the point of the H200 hub is. I have read on these forums that the H200 is compatible with cameras where the H100 isn't, however I already have several Kasa/Tapo cameras and they operate fine without either hub. 


Can someone please explain to me what the H200 hub will allow me to do with cameras that I can't do without it?

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Re:Purpose of H200 Hub
2024-05-06 17:48:11

Hey @MacksDaddy,


The H100 and H200 are Tapo's line of Sub-Ghz Hubs. They basically provide an extra low range frequency for your Sub--Ghz devices and sensors to connect to, often seeing a larger range and better stability as a result.


The H100 is intended to solely add Sub-Ghz functionality and can operate as a Matter Bridge for Sensors, all of which will add Local Smart Actions/Communication to your Smart Home.


The H200 comes bundled with specific Sub-Ghz cameras, such as the C420, which use Sub-GHz to communicate and maintain a stable connection; however, your video streams will still use Wi-Fi. The hub will also house the SD Card to store your video footage, removing the ability for your footage to go missing alongside your camera. The hub can also have Sub-GHz sensors added to the hub. The H200 has an onboard siren that you can trigger on-camera alerts.


Without a Sub-Ghz camera, the H200 is not as helpful and can only have sensors added to it. In this case, I recommend a H100, so that you can take advantage of local smart actions and communication for your existing devices and since your existing cameras cannot take advantage of the H200's camera features.

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