Smart deadbolt please!

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Smart deadbolt please!

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Smart deadbolt please!
Smart deadbolt please!
2023-07-12 03:12:48

We need a smart deadbolt from a company that doesn't suck and y'all don't. But, if you're going to do it you might as well do it right:





Built in WiFi (no bridges)


When googling smart deadlocks I've seen a feature come up a number of times that no one offers: the ability to supplement the lock's power via an external source. The idea is that batteries might still be required but they would function more as a backup while the primary load could be placed on the external source so long as it is available. It sounds as if adding the WiFi may have adversely affected the performance of some locks. Maybe this could be handled via a USB-C port (please don't go backwards with micro USB or something). A USB port could provide quite a few options such as small battery phone charger blocks (that are themselves rechargeable) or by just running a cable to it. There are hinges designed with cable handling in mind apparently.


I've tried both the wifi bridge and built in WiFi versions of the ULoq deadbolt and the connection is terrible and the fingerprint reader is very inconsistent. On the same network all of your devices are working great (damn I love your wired doorbell). I'm gonna try the eufy now so we shall see.


Bottom line, I'm using just about your entire ecosystem and really want to round out my smart home within the Kingdom of Kasa. I love y'all for real.


Keep up the awesome work and thank you for all you've provided for us.




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Re:Smart deadbolt please!
2023-07-13 22:08:42


Deadbolts are definitely on the company's radar, but I believe that the focus will first be the doorbells and the features that were announced at CES.

I will make sure to pass the feedback that it is something that we are still receiving request for.


As for the technology:

Wired connections would most likely not be as popular, due to the additional wiring and setup needed. I  would imagine that if something were to release such as this it would require a similar wiring setup to conventional doorbells - something that we are seeing less and less of in new developments.


For Power However, you are correct in saying that Wi-Fi integration will provide a strain on the battery. The inner workings of Wi-Fi require devices to stay awake for a long period of time, and it requires far more power to actually transmit data - this is why you see so many bridges on the market, as you want door locks to have the longest battery life possible.


This is also where some of the low-power technologies, such as Tapo's Sub-Ghz comes into play, as devices can have extremely long battery lives, while also providing quicker response times. I do think that a lot of your recommendations are being taken into account for our doorbells, so it may just be a matter of time.


I will throw this out there, even though i haven't seen any updates about it being released or seeing the light of day anytime soon but: Tapo did tease a Door Lock at CES this Year:


We have a lot of exciting things planned for our Smart Home Brands, so keep an eye out for updates over the next few months.

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