HS220 slow coming on

HS220 slow coming on

HS220 slow coming on
HS220 slow coming on
2024-05-28 08:57:38
Model: HS220  
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: 1.0.3

So there is a 1 second delay when turning on the light switch with a single press.
According to other posts, this is so the light switch can wait to see if the user is going to press again for a double-tap.

This is NOT a feature. This is ill-designed. This is a DEFECT.
Please remove the double-tap option. There is already the long-press option. That is enough. 

Alternatively, allow the double-tap settings to include "disabled".
That way the light switch knows it can respond instantly to a single press.

You know, like how all other light switches operate, even your own 3-way dimmer, motion sensor dimmer, non-dimmer switches.

One way or another, please fix this!



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