Archer VR2800 - Problem with Internet connection - Won't connect

Archer VR2800 - Problem with Internet connection - Won't connect
Archer VR2800 - Problem with Internet connection - Won't connect
2022-03-14 12:05:05 - last edited 2022-03-14 12:59:50
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: Archer VR2800(EU)_V1_220120


I recently upgraded our Plusnet Hub One to the VR2800(EU) V1.0 following various issues due to the poor wifi signal in our house.


The modem has to be located over on the one side of the house due to a fixed location with the phone line and switch location. We also use a Netgear AC750 (EX3700) on an ethernet wired connection to the router to add an improved wifi signal over on the other side of the house. (The EX3700 gets a dynamically assigned IP from the router so is not a IP conflict).


The router is located in a service room which has the telecomms patch panel and VOIP board located in, our house was used as an office before we moved in but we no longer use these and is mostly disconnected,I just use some of the wiring on the patch panel which I have a Netgear Hub connected. The comms room is not hot and is about 15c.


The VR2800 was set up using the smart set up using the drop down for Plusnet.


The VR2800 seemed to work OK for a few days but then we kept getting no internet connection, when checking the router home page there is a yellow pling on the world symbol and it appears to be trying to connect and it indicates a high upload data rate next to the upload arrow for a few seconds / couple of minutes and sometimes connects or sometimes then gives an error and says there is a problem with the DNS and needs to be set manually!


I contacted PlusNet tech support and they said the connection looked fine from their end even though the VR2800 was saying it was not connected.


If you click 'connect' again then sometimes it connects for a few minutes and then drops out again. On the advanced tab it says the router is connected.


I have updated the firmware to the latest available on the TP-Link site. 


I have re-run the smart set up and still the same.


I turned off the router and went back to the Hub One on Friday night as we could not watch Netflix.. I re connected the VR2800 on Sat morning and it seemed to be OK with a stable internet connection until Sunday evening when it started dropping out again. The base of the router was quite warm, not too hot to touch but warm and the room is quite cool at present, about 8c.


Is the new VR2800 router maybe faulty?  Do I need to return it for a replacement?


Are there some settings I can double check and confirm are correct? 

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Re:Archer VR2800 - Problem with Internet connection - Won't connect
2022-03-15 05:50:49


Thank you very much for the feedback.

Can I have a picture of the error message on the basic>network map page?

Please also send me a picture of Advanced>status page to me.

At the same time, please install the following firmware and check whether it would improve the stability or not:

Archer VR2800(EU)v1-201103




Re:Archer VR2800 - Problem with Internet connection - Won't connect
2022-03-16 19:00:52

 Hi @David-TP 


Firstly may thanks for your reply. 


TBH I have had a bit of a nighmare with this between BT Open Reach / PlusNet etc...


I can't unfortunately post pics of the modem page as you request as the modem has now been swopped out for a new one on exchange from Amazon, this was done this morning. The new modem is running firmware 0.7.0 0.9.1 v006c.0 Build 210313 Rel.74106n

This has so far been online for 7 hours and 33 minutes and so far has had no issues with 66 Mbps down and 29 Mbps Up.


The BT Open Reach guy said and insisted that the fault was with the VR2800 modem BUT he was going to do a "Lift and Shift" which from what I can understand means he swopped out our copper connection onto another one at the local fibre box.


The previous modem was showing it was connected to the DSL but could not maintain the PPPoE connection. I did run a test with connecting the PlusNet Hub One back in service but that does not give any indications like the VR2800 does as to if it has a DSL connection or not and just says the internets connected but yet a speed test shows no connection to the internet and it cant fnd a test server.


I think the problem was external and a BT one but have no way of testing or proving either way!