KASA Spot Camera 24/7 Recording Performance degrading

KASA Spot Camera 24/7 Recording Performance degrading
KASA Spot Camera 24/7 Recording Performance degrading
2022-06-01 22:56:48
Model: KC105
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 2.3.13

Hello all. I have noticed that the Kasa Camera's 24/7 recording does not work after a while.

Hopefully this will help the engineers fix whatever issue is affecting this, as it is currently making 24/7 Recording without a subscription effectively worthless.


When I first got the camera 24/7 Recording was working fine.


However, for some reason, following the 18th of May, recording begins to be intermittent.

You can see that there are recording gaps in the screenshot below.



This continues to be like this all the way until midday of that day, at which point 24/7 Recording ceases to function.


Note that I have not turned anything off or set anything to stop recording.


For recent recordings, it looks like it has a clip to play, however, when you go to play the clip, it does not play. I believe this is because it is not actually recording, or it has failed to save the clip, or something similar.


It lets you click on the thumbnail; however the thumbnail itself is not linked to a clip and you get the spinning loader instead.



We can see that there appear to be recordings from ~7:50 to 8:40; however, trying to scroll to any of those positions doesn't return any recording and I will either get the constant spinning loader or a 'Your camera has no recordings from this time' message, which should not be the case.


In summary, 24/7 Recording without a plan is broken in the Kasa Spot.

It would be great if the team could fix this as I have already been adversely impacted once by this.

It is otherwise misleading to say that you can record 24/7 without a plan if you have an SD card.

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Re:KASA Spot Camera 24/7 Recording Performance degrading
2022-06-02 01:35:08


Thank you for the feedback, the intermittent recording could be related to the SD card and we could start troubleshooting with that. 

You could format the SD card in the Kasa APP and test for some time (note to back up important file before format)

If possible it is recommended to test a different SD card like high enduration SD card or SD card that advertised supporting security cameras

  •  Make sure the camera is connected to the internet (check if timestamp on the live view is up-to-date)
  • For 24/7 Continuous Recording not working properly, here are some tips to give it a try:

- Confirm the firmware of the Kasa camera and the Kasa APP version are both up-to-date.

- Confirm SD card status is Good
-  Confirm the SD card is supported by your camera

-Which microSD cards are supported on Tapo and Kasa Cameras?

Verify the SD card with H2testw software  ( check if it is an expanded capacity SD card) and share a photo with the test results  (back up important files before run the test)

If still the same, can you provide some information here :

1.  Brand & Capacity of the SD 

2. a photo of SD card

3. a photo of H2testw test result 

4.  Screenshots about the error message/ showing no recording  (bypass if you've provided)

5.  Mac address & SN of camera (please share via private message)

6. APP version

7. Model of phone and its Andriod or IOS version. 

Thank you.