Hub H100 Alarm notifications management

Hub H100 Alarm notifications management

Hub H100 Alarm notifications management
Hub H100 Alarm notifications management
2023-01-23 11:38:16
Model: Tapo H100  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.2.3

Dear Community,

I would like to describe a scenario where I encountered a significant notifications management limitation:

In my home I have installed 11 sensors (four T100 v.1.11.0 and seven T110 v.1.8.0) to monitor any intrusion.

Two automations are created to trigger the H100 Alarm, one related to windows/door opening using the contact sensors T110 and another related to movements in the rooms using the T100 sensor.

The two automations are used based on the fact that “I’m at home” (both automations disabled), “I'm going to bed” (only contact sensor automation enabled) or “I’m away from home” (both automations enabled).

I expected to be able to associate a Tapo App Notification to the H100 Alarm trigger, but I discovered that the notifications can only be associated at the single sensor level and cannot be enabled/disabled with an automation.

Unfortunately this means that when I’m at home:

  • I deactivate the H100 Alarm trigger, but I will continue to receive sensor notifications as I move around the house.
  • in addition to deactivating the H100 Alarm trigger, I must deactivate the notifications in all single sensors (11 in my case), navigating the settings of each one; when I’m away from home I have to activate the notifications of each sensor again.

It would be nice to have the ability to enable an Alarm notifications at the Hub H100 level like "send aTapo App notification when sound an alarm" or have the ability use an Automations to enable/disable notifications from individual sensors; I haven't found any way to do one of this with current TAPO App version 2.12.705.

In despondency, I implemented a workaround (not nice at all) by connecting an Hub H100 dedicated to the Contact sensors to a P100 smart plug and another Hub H100 dedicated to the Movement sensors to another P100 smart plug; by activating and deactivating the two smart plugs, I get the enabling/disabling of the sensors connected to each H100 (with related triggers and notifications).

This solution obviously has the major limitation of losing the contact open/closed status changes during the period the Hub is disabled and also require the additional smart plugs devices and take more space.

Disabling the notifications at all with the “Don’t disturb” configuration it is not a solution because I’m using some other Camera and Sensor also in another my house and in a studio, so this would mean missing alert notifications from one place while I'm in the other.

Please can you suggest me a more efficient solution than my workaround, or can I hope for a future software update that solves this limitation?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Re:Hub H100 Alarm notifications management
2023-02-01 03:20:27

Dear  @FabioBi ,


Thank you for posting on the TP-Link community, and we certainly appreciate your feedback here. It sounds very useful that the smart action feature includes notification management, especially in your case. I'll make sure the feedback is recorded, the team will perform further evaluation. 

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