Tapo D130: The First Tapo Smart Wired Video Doorbell

Tapo D130: The First Tapo Smart Wired Video Doorbell

Tapo D130: The First Tapo Smart Wired Video Doorbell
Tapo D130: The First Tapo Smart Wired Video Doorbell
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Model: Tapo D130  
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The Tapo D130 is the first Smart Wired Video Doorbell in Tapo series, it supports the highlight features such as 2K 5MP resolution, 180° wide-angle design, Color Night Vision, etc. to provide you great doorbell experience.





It’s recommended to check the specifications of the doorbell camera on the official website.


To install and configure a Tapo D130 doorbell, please refer to the below video instructions.
How to Install and Configure a Tapo D130 Doorbell?



2K 5MP Live View with Full-Color Night Vision

Always know what happens in front of your door through the Tapo app. With a starlight sensor and 2K 5MP resolution, check all the fine details captured even in low-light environments.


Head-to-Toe View

Receive head-to-toe views with the 180°ultra-wide diagonal field of view and 4:3 aspect ratio even when the person stands so close (0.4m) that other video doorbells will lose details. 



Flexible Placement, Flexible Views

Use the mounting wedges to adjust the views for different scenarios. The 5° vertical wedge can even help you receive complete pictures of your packages on the ground.



Free Smart AI Detection, Person, Vehicle, Pet, Package

Receive instant notifications and check live views from the Tapo app when powerful AI identifies motion, a person, a pet, a vehicle, or your package.



Indoor Chime Provided

Choose from a variety of ringtones to get alerted immediately when you are at home.




Q1: What’s the FOV of the Tapo D130?
The diagonal field of view is 180 degrees.


Q2: Will mounting wedge influence the viewing field of my camera?
We provide a 5° vertical and 15° horizontal mounting wedge to adjust the doorbell’s view angle for a more desirable location. It won’t decrease the doorbell’s viewing field.


Q3: Why do the four corners of my live view screen have vignetting?
Tapo D130 uses a 180-degree fisheye optical lens, and the default live view interface will have four vignetting corners. You can use the camera's "Distortion Correction" setting to eliminate vignetting corners if you don't want them.
Go to doorbell’s Device Settings > Video & Display to enable the Distortion Correction feature.

Note: When the Distortion Correction is enabled, the field of view of the camera will become smaller.




Q4: How can I receive notifications only when someone presses the doorbell?
Suppose you just want to receive notifications when the doorbell is pressed and not receive notifications when the doorbell detects some events. In that case, you can go to the doorbell’s Device Settings>Notifications page, and enable the Activity Notifications but do not select any activity type. 


Q5: Can Kasa and Tapo chimes be used interchangeably?
No, the Tapo chime is a Wi-Fi chime with a different connection technology from the Kasa chime. They cannot work interchangeably.


Q6: What is the Tapo D130 chime's maximum functioning distance?
Tapo chime is a Wi-Fi chime that can communicate with Tapo D130 through home Wi-Fi or a cloud server. Both Tapo D130 and Tapo Chime can continue communicating with each other without distance limitation as long as they are connected to the internet. 


Q7: Can I see Tapo Chime on the Tapo app>Home>All Devices page?
No, the Tapo chime won’t show up on the Home page of the Tapo App. However, you can enter the Tapo D130’s Device Settings > Doorbell > Paired Chimes to manage the chime settings.


Q8: How many Tapo chimes can work with one Tapo D130? How many Tapo D130 can work with one Tapo chime?
Tapo D130 and Chime can realize many-to-many under the same TP-Link account.


Q9: What voltage is required for the Tapo D130 connection? 
Tapo D130’s input is 8-24V~ 1.2A 50/60Hz.


Q10: Does Tapo D130 support RTSP/onvif protocol?
Yes, it does. For more instructions, refer to How to view Tapo camera on PC/NAS/NVR through RTSP/Onvif Protocol?


Q11: Can the Tapo doorbell D130 work with a third-party chime?
Nope. The Tapo doorbell needs to work with the Tapo wireless electrical chime that comes with it.


Q12: Does Tapo D130 support 24/7 recording?
Yes. You can insert an SD card into the doorbell and set the Recording Schedule to Continuous Recording on the Tapo app. For more detailed instructions, refer to How can I view continuous recordings of Tapo&Kasa cameras on the Tapo app? 


Q13: What capacity SD cards does Tapo D130 support?
Maximum 512GB.


【Where to Buy】

The release condition can differ between countries and areas, and it is suggested to check if this model is available on the local TP-Link website first. If so, go to Where to Buy to search for ‘Tapo D130’ in the local stores or online shops.


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