Deco M9 Plus: Slow Lan speed Test

Deco M9 Plus: Slow Lan speed Test
Deco M9 Plus: Slow Lan speed Test
2022-03-04 06:14:40 - last edited 2022-03-04 06:16:08
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.5.1 Build 20210126 Rel. 62679


I have the Deco M9 connected directly to my ISP Gateway Router. The M9 is configured in Access Point Mode. I have a verified 1Gbps upload and 1Gbps download. I currently do not have any other devices connected to the M9 and while doing the speed test through the Deco App I consistently get around 500 mbps download and 100 upload. If I connect my PC using the same network wire connected to the same port on the ISP Gateway Router I get 920-950 Mbps download and 920-950 Mbps upload. Here is a screen shot of my topography with the M9:




Here is the Speed Test Results:


Speed test from my PC:



 I've tried changing to router mode and setting the QOS to 1000 Mbps for both download and upload and switching back to access mode and I get the same speed results. Has anyone seen this issue?


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Re:Deco M9 Plus: Slow Lan speed Test
2022-03-08 09:19:41


Hi, Thank you very much for your feedback.

Have you ever checked the speed of a PC via when it is wired to the main Deco? sometimes the “Test Internet Speed” on Deco APP is not always accurate especially when Deco is working under access point mode and not the network gateway. If somehow the actual speed on the clients is half of the bandwidth, please feel free to send an email to with the following information:

1. the model number of your main ISP router?

2. I see you have switched Deco back to wireless router mode before and did you have the same speed issue under wireless router mode?

3. could you please refer to the last part of this link and help me get the adapter info of the computer: