Deco M9 and Sonic Fiber SR515ac network drop

Deco M9 and Sonic Fiber SR515ac network drop
Deco M9 and Sonic Fiber SR515ac network drop
2022-06-30 14:31:37
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Hardware Version: V2
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In our configuration, we have Sonic Fiber (ISP) with a direct connection from their gateway (SR515ac) to our main M9 AP/hub (with two remote units) for wi-fi and also have a LAN (Cat6) network throughout our home.  Normally, we have no issues and network is stable, reliable and fast.  However, occasionally we randomly start losing network access and the app shows there is no internet service (red exclaimation).  To resolve this, we reboot the Sonic SR515ac gateway and service is restored.  Lately this is happening multiple times a day.  We looked at the SR515ac system logs (debug mode) and see that there are errors but we cannot tell if they're coming from the Deco?  


We reported to Sonic and want to know if there is an offending device or packet or something that is causing their gateway to disconnect or block outgoing traffic. Their first response suggested we use the Deco as the gateway instead of their device - Is this possible?  We see that the Deco defaults to Router and can be setup as AP, but not clear if we've been setup incorrectly for a few years? 


  1. Does anyone have a similar setup (fiber w ISP gateway and Deco M9 Plus), if so have you experienced this? 
  2. What can we do to isolate or determine if the Deco is causing the outage? 
  3. Can we replace the SR515ac with the Deco hub? 
  4. Suggestions?
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Re:Deco M9 and Sonic Fiber SR515ac network drop
2022-07-01 03:45:29 - last edited 2022-07-01 05:51:26


Hi, Will you notice Deco M9 plus turn red during the disconnection?

I see SR515AC also has its own Wi-Fi and maybe you could check when Deco is disconnected, whether you are still able to get internet service from SR515AC directly?

It is also suggested to check the IPV4 address on the Deco APP before and after the disconnection to see whether Deco M9 plus could get a valid IP address.


And I see the current firmware of Deco M9 plus is still 1.2.12, please also refer to this link to update M9 plus to the latest 1.5.6 first:


If the WAN port on the SR515AC is connected to Sonic fiber, you could replace it with Deco M9 plus.


Thank you very much.

Best regards.