[Released] Beta Firmware: EasyMesh Wired Backhaul for Archer C80/C64/A8

[Released] Beta Firmware: EasyMesh Wired Backhaul for Archer C80/C64/A8

[Released] Beta Firmware: EasyMesh Wired Backhaul for Archer C80/C64/A8
[Released] Beta Firmware: EasyMesh Wired Backhaul for Archer C80/C64/A8
2023-01-19 22:44:02 - last edited 2023-02-17 01:52:30
Model: Archer C80   Archer A8   Archer C64  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:

Hey Everyone,

It looks like the development team has been working hard to bring some of the community's most requested features to light. This time, we have beta firmware for a few models that optimizes the newly added EasyMesh compatability, and adds support for an EasyMesh Ethernet Backhaul. With this you can now connect two or more EasyMesh devices together by wiring the satellite device to the main EasyMesh Router. 


 Official Firmware Released:

Archer C80_V1&V2.2_1.12.1 Build 221212

Archer A8_V1&V2.2_1.12.1 Build 221212

Archer C64_V1_1.12.1 Build 221212

Archer A64_V1_1.12.1 Build 221212

Archer C86_V1_1.12.1 Build 221212

Archer C6_V4_1.12.1 Build 221212

Archer A6_V4_1.12.1 Build 221212



Updated on Feb 8, 2023:


The official firmware for Archer C80/C64/A64/A8 has been published already, please check for the updates on your router web GUI or Tether App for the new firmware, update and install the latest official firmware on the router to explore all the new features like EasyMesh Ethernet Backhaul.


Or you can download the latest official version from the local website and upgrade the firmware manually as follows:
How to Upgrade the firmware version of TP-Link Wireless Router



Please Note:
1. This early release version can be applied to all versions (EU/US/JP/TW/etc.).

2. You can downgrade to the previous 1.12.0 official version if necessary.


New Features/Enhancement and Bug Fixes:

1. Improved EasyMesh features and added support for Ethernet Backhaul.
2. Fixed the bug that settings of DHCP server reset after the router reboots.
3. Fixed the bug that some wireless clients behind an extender are incorrectly identified as wired in client list.
4. Fixed the bug that could not bridge Wi-Fi using WPA3 encryption.
5. Fixed the bug that Network generates loops under specific scenarios.
6. Optimized packet filtering rules.


This latest version also includes some other enhancements and bug fixes. Take your time to explore all the great features or enhancements. Comment below if you have any feedback or run into any issues — we’re here to help.


As this version of firmware is a beta release, we welcome any feedback regarding the quality and usability of the software to help us identify issues and fix them to further improve the firmware for production release.


TP-Link may offer beta or Pre-Release firmware to our community forums. This allows our team to gauge interest and receive real-world feedback. Please be aware that Beta Firmware is for use at your own risk, as it has not yet completed the development and testing process and is still being evaluated by our teams. It may often contain errors or inaccuracies; please back up any device settings before installing beta firmware.

As a result, any functionality listed in Patch Notes or is expected for default operation cannot be guaranteed, nor should it be expected. If after upgrading to a Beta Firmware, unexpected behavior or issues arise please connect with the support team and other community members by replying to the firmware posting.

Support Members do not often have access to resources to provide additional support for beta firmware. Our teams will try our best to forward concerns and involve the development team, but please do not expect support for beta firmware. If there are issues with device functionality after upgrading to a beta version, it is recommended to downgrade the firmware to the official release when/if possible.


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