Streaming issue and unable to identify root cause (Wife unhappy!)

Streaming issue and unable to identify root cause (Wife unhappy!)

Streaming issue and unable to identify root cause (Wife unhappy!)
Streaming issue and unable to identify root cause (Wife unhappy!)
2023-05-10 22:25:04
Model: Deco X60  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.5.1

For some time now we have had an issue with a couple of our TV devices on the Deco X60 network.  My wife will be watching a program, and suddenly the screen freezes.  A circle going around and around appears in the middle of the screen.  It lasts for about 15 seconds before the screen goes blank for a few seconds, and then the streaming resumes where it left off.


Other devices in the house are not experiencing any issues (I for example might be on a video call at work and there are no interruptions).


So first I moved the Deco unit that was in the Kitchen to a table in the Living Room (where the TV is located).  No improvement.


Second, I moved the Deco directly under the TV.  Slight improvement.


Third, I connected an Ethernet cable directly between the Deco and the TV.  Not much of a change (although the Deco software now shows it connected with said Ethernet cable).


The Deco it is connected to is the remote unit; the second unit which is considered the main unit is located in the basement where the service comes in through.  It is estimated that the distance between the two Deco units, creating a mesh connection, is about 15 feet.  And other devices connected to the upstairs Deco are operating fine.


The TV is an LG 55" model.  It has the latest firmware.


The internet service is through Spectrum, at 300MB (registers about 350MB which for this area is really good).  Speed tests confirm this.


We originally thought the issue might have been caused by a Roku device.  There is documentation to support that it's on the 5G band and could be causing signal interference.  In fact at one point the issue on my wife's TV seemed to be amped up a bit with that device.  However since discontinuing with that device, the issue still occurs.


I will leave it at that as a starting point for discussion.  What would be the next step(s) to identify where the potential issue is?

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Re:Streaming issue and unable to identify root cause (Wife unhappy!)
2023-05-11 10:02:31


Hi, Did you have the same issue on old routers?

When I googled "Why Does LG TV Screen Goes Black Randomly?", it did not mention a lot about the network connectivity and was more related to the TV itself, such as this one:

  1. Faulty HDMI sources or input devices.
  2. Power-related wiring & Eco Mode settings.
  3. Malfunction in the LG TV remote control.
  4. Outdated LG TV operating system.
  5. Problematic HDMI device or input
  6. A faulty TV backlight or LED driver board.

I see you also mentioned you have connected the TV via Ethernet cable to the nearest satellite Deco which still did not help too much. An Ethernet connection is already a very solid connection and I could not think of something better. Since the satellite Deco is wirelessly connected to the main Deco, maybe you could try to turn off "Fast roaming" under Deco APP>More>Advanced to see whether it helped or not. And you could also consider setting LG TV to high priority.


Thank you very much.

Best regards.

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Re:Streaming issue and unable to identify root cause (Wife unhappy!)
2023-05-13 15:38:39



Thanks for the input.


First, Fast Roaming is currently disabled.  I could try turning it on to see if that helps, but you are stating to do the exact opposite.  Still worth a try.


Second, Beamforming is enabled.  I would think that would have no impact.


Third, I cannot tell you if the problem happened before with the old router.  We built a house over two years ago and when moving, I set up this new network because I knew the existing one (also a TP-Link product) might not handle the whole house.  That's why I settled on newer technology, specifically a mesh network.  It is pretty good; we live adjacent to a lake and our foster kids report they can connect all the way down there.  That's a testament to the good coverage in the entire house, even surrounding it, with two of these.


As for the TV, it is relatively new (about a year or so old) and at first we didn't notice the problem.  I can't rule out that some new device on the network (e.g., for the time being my Roku) is just causing intermittent issues or not.  All those items you specify do appear non-network related.


I have looked at forcing the TV to connect to a specific Deco (sometimes it connects to the one in the basement which is distancewise further away, but as far as I recall the same issue occurred) and did find a way to do that.  In both cases it's on the 5Ghz band.  I could look to force it if possible to 2.4Ghz, but the Deco doesn't seem to make that easy.


On a side note, I've had issues with foster kids bypassing parental controls because they randomize the MAC address; I have found a way to make that work with static IP address assignments that are explicitly assigned to the device along with capping the range of available IP addresses.  Haven't had any issues since...except for a few disgruntled foster kids... :)  So yea, there could be some magic formula that will solve the issue.  By all means I am not an expert on all this technology, but working in the IT field helps to better understand it, especially when forced to learn something to fix an issue (such as the aforementioned MAC address debacle).


We'll keep plugging away, but if anyone else reading this has any ideas, fire away...



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