App and account requirement == returned to retailer

App and account requirement == returned to retailer

App and account requirement == returned to retailer
App and account requirement == returned to retailer
2023-12-04 23:13:58
Tags: #account tether
Model: Deco X50  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: 1.1.0


I recently purchased the X50 Deco 2-pack to test it and see if it would be useful for recommending to friends I help tech-wise.

I will not recommend because of the forced account tethering and app requirement. 

I expect a fully functional web interface (webUI) that can be configured in standalone mode on items that I have paid hundreds of dollars for.  After purchase, these devices are my property and I won't abide an account nor APP requirement.

I returned the devices to the retailer and will not be purchasing TP-link account-tethered products in the future.

Too bad, the devices looked nice and useful, but owner-hostile measures are a show-stopper.

Please reconsider and remove account requirements, and provide a fully functional web interface, like all previous networking products ever created.

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Re:App and account requirement == returned to retailer
2023-12-06 00:43:54 - last edited 2023-12-06 00:44:31



Unfortunately this is the product model for Deco.It is intended to be an all-in-one setup for near plug-and-play functionality for the largest % of users ; however, this means there are a large number of service and account-based features associated with the mesh network or are simplified by allowing a cloud connection, such as for firmware updates or allowing app configuration.


If you are looking for conventional webUI, you would need to look towards our Archer series of routers which can be configured using a local admin account. Archers simply have the added ability to tie your account so that you can manage the network remotely and via the Tether App. You may also then configure EasyMesh to have a mesh network across your home.


If you are looking for an even more complex system or in-depth configuration options, you could look towards our Omada devices - which is our business class devices and can be managed locally the same as Archers.



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