Tapo L535E: TP-Link's First Matter-Certified Light Bulb

Tapo L535E: TP-Link's First Matter-Certified Light Bulb

Tapo L535E: TP-Link's First Matter-Certified Light Bulb
Tapo L535E: TP-Link's First Matter-Certified Light Bulb
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Model: Tapo L535E  
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Tapo L535E: Smart Wi-Fi Multicolor Light Bulb with Matter Certification849e6eaece3d476083fd2c266daedcda

Tapo has just released the first Matter-Certified light from TP-Link! If you are unfamiliar with the Matter Protocol and the advantages that come with it, check out our community article: Matter : A Step Forward in Smart Homes

Extra Bright Smart Light Bulb - With 1100 lumens (75W Equivalent) of crisp, high-quality lighting, Tapo L535E is ideal for any home space requiring brighter lighting.

Energy Monitoring - Monitor your connected devices' real-time power consumption and costs via the Tapo app.

90+ CRI Rating - Experience more attractive and vibrant colors with a higher Color Rendering Index (CRI). Witness the true color spectrum in every corner of your home.

Warm to Cool Whites – Tune your lights to Warm White (2500K) for restful sleep in the evening or Cool White (6500K) during working hours or when you need a morning boost.

Matter-Certified - With support for the Matter protocol, Tapo L535E can seamlessly interoperate with other certified products across platforms.

No Hub Required - Connect directly to your home's secure Wi-Fi network—no need for a hub or extra equipment.


Buy the Tapo L535 from the Official TP-Link Store, Available Now!

Check out our official Product Page for the L535E


We look forward to seeing how everyone uses these new Bulbs and the Matter Protocol across your Smart Home. With Tapo’s motion and contact sensors, it is now easier than ever to show off your smart home with automations that everyone can make use of.

  • Automatically Turn your Lights on at Sunset 
  • Turn on a Dim Light When Motion is Detected at Night (T100 - Motion Sensor)
  • Or Turn Your House Lights on When You Walk in the Front Door (T110 Motion Sensor 

Learn More About Tapo’s Automation Platform


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