Kasa APP 3.0

Kasa APP 3.0

Kasa APP 3.0
Kasa APP 3.0
2022-09-16 11:39:26 - last edited 2022-12-21 11:15:19
Model: Kasa  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:


2022/12 Update


Update the URL of Kasa APP to the official app version 




Now we are delighted to announce the breaking news that Kasa APP is about to get a major update with multiple amazing changes to the UI and interactions. Before the official release on App Store and Google Play, we invite you to participate in the community trial of the  Kasa APP 3.0. Please install the Kasa APP 3.0 via the following link:

Latest Android Kasa APP


Latest IOS kasa APP 




1. You could stop testing the APP trial at any time by removing it directly and then download the official APP via App Store or Google Play.

2. How to use Testflight on iPhone: https://testflight.apple.com/.


New Features and UI Enhancement:

More Powerful Home Page

  • Active Scenes with a single tap
  • Reorder ALL Devices by its product category, let the most important devices show up first.




  • Next Event 

See what’s the next event that’s going to happen in the home page.

Home and Room Features

Managing multiple smart devices is now easier than ever with new Home and Room Settings in the Kasa APP.


  • Home:  create Homes for smart devices at different locations and manage them separately.




  • Room:  create rooms and organize your devices in separate rooms.

There you can put the most-used devices in Favorites section and find out your favorite devices immediately.


Improved Smart Action

Automate your life with more powerful Smart Action settings.


  • Featured Smart Actions:  the previous Smart Action feature now displays in cards format for easy setup. It also provides some preset routine actions to match your daily routines.


Now 64  Smart Action rules are supported in the Kasa APP 3.0 ~~



  • Scenes:  the new Scene allows to you perform an action with a simple tap. In additional to control one or a group of smart devices like the previous Scene, you can also enable or disable a Smart Action rule. The current Scene  feature now has two options
  • Enable/ Disable Smart Action 
  • Control Smart Devices


If you would like to set up a new Scene to control your kasa device(s): 


Step1:  click  + on the right top to add a new Scene> select Control Smart Device> Add Action 

Step2:   select a smart device > choose device status like ON/OFF/ set a ' On' duration  (turn ON for a certain period of time)/turn ON/OFF(switch the current status) etc.

Step3 :  add more smart device and choose device status

Step4:  create a name and then save the settings. 




  • Smart Actions:


In smart actions, you can use a smart device or Time as the Trigger to control other smart devices.

By setting up a trigger (When trigger happens) and an action (Then execute the action) , you can start an automated life and unlock more smart action scenarios. 


Helpful Me Profile

The previous settings sidebar moves to Me page at the bottom of the Kasa APP. Here you can easily check and manage the app related settings like managing your TP-Link ID, setting up Alexa or Google third-party services, updating device firmware etc.


Let's explore what's new the Kasa APP 3.0 has brought to us. Welcome to download and share your experience with us. Any feedback is highly appreciated.


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1 Accepted Solution
Re:Kasa APP 3.0-Solution
2022-10-11 09:08:47 - last edited 2022-11-08 03:38:47

Hello everyone, 


10/11 The OP has updated the URL to the Android Kasa 3.0.3 Beta APP.

Feel free to leave your feedback about this new version ~



Share Your Feedback 

If you'd to provide feedback with the new APP,   kindly Start a new Thread or leave your comment below.

Please provide some information here for us to look it further:


1) the current  Kasa APP version  (confirm your Kasa APP is up-to-date in the APP store or Google Play)

2) the photos of the settings and error message, if possible, please provide a video shared link of the phenomena 

3)  model of your mobile device and its Andriod or IOS version 



For Android users, if you would like to report an issue with the app,  please help collect the app log and share the log file with us


Here are the steps to collect the log:

1. Open the app and try to reproduce the problem.

2. After the problem is reproduced, click About, and hold the Kesa  icon for about 5 seconds, the log will be imported to the mobile phone directory-TPLINK folder.

3. Open the mobile phone file manager to find the folder, and send all the files in the folder to us.




Fixes and Topics



Please Start a new Thread to report an issue or share your feedback.  



More Articles: 


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Recommended Solution
24 Reply
Re:Kasa APP 3.0
2022-09-28 02:53:39

  @Solla-topee this update removed all of my existing "scenes" and "smart actions" no

Re:Kasa APP 3.0
2022-09-28 08:55:05

  @Solla-topee As with everyone you and else, all existing configured scenes are gone, with no warning.


Hard to believe this app was well considered....

Re:Kasa APP 3.0
2022-09-28 10:06:06 - last edited 2022-10-13 08:29:19

Updated the case solution: 

  @SpaceDesign  @mgudites 

Thank you for the feedback. I totally agree it would be much better that the previous Smart Action & Scene settings are reserved in the new APP, or at least prompt a notice about it. Our team is look into this right now, we will share some updated information in the related topic here. 

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Re:Kasa APP 3.0
2022-10-02 07:13:22



I downloaded the 3.0 file on my pixel 6 but I can't figure out how to install it. 


I have just installed over 20 Kasa switches this week, and haven't done anything else yet.  So I don't have much to lose. 


Please help. 





Re:Kasa APP 3.0
2022-10-03 12:37:12 - last edited 2022-10-03 12:37:33



Hi this Kasa App 3.0 is not working fully.


We can control individual smart sockets one by one, but we cant get any existing or newly created scenes to work.


We we run scenes we get the error 'Network Unstable - Please Try Again Later'


This happens on WIFI only and on Mobile Data only, its a system wide issue on our iPhones and our iPads on scenes only.


Previously everything worked fine until you forced us all to upgrade to your broken App 3.



Re:Kasa APP 3.0
2022-10-04 05:44:19 - last edited 2022-10-04 05:45:24

Hello @dprezgay 

The link for Andriod is a zip.file, please download the file on a computer first, extract the zip file, then move the APK. file to the file to your phone, then the apk. should be reconginized by your phone.  I will double-check if it is possible to make a link of the apk. file directly later, for now we need to extract the zip.file first. 

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Re:Kasa APP 3.0
2022-10-04 05:49:29 - last edited 2022-10-08 03:44:34

Update 10.7: Till Oct 7, the new version IOS 3.0.2 start to roll out, please keep the Kasa APP up to date in the APP store


Hello   @SpaceDesign 

Glad to hear your feedback with the Scene, may I know the model of your phone and its Andriod & IOS version? 

As far as I know  a newer version 3.0.2 will come up later,  kindly keep the APP up to date at that time. 

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Re:Kasa APP 3.0
2022-10-04 18:29:11

Since the update I am getting these symptoms:

T1) Cannot run ANY of my old scenes. After a pause of about 5 seconds I get the error message "This condition does not exist".

2) I can create a new scene in the updated app, but it still will not run (same error as above). Therefore "recreating all my scenes" is not an option - even if I wanted to.

3) IFTTT integration using scenes is broken (IFTTT triggers OK but scene does not run).

4) Thankfully, scene activation using Alexa still works (for now).


This is absolutely abysmal and i would be most appreciative if you would fix it immediately so I can have my smart home working again.


Very, VERY unhappy.



Re:Kasa APP 3.0
2022-10-04 19:45:49



Unbelievable isnt it, update to APP3 today on ios app store and still not working.


And after talking to support for days running through the same mumb jumbo they replied with this gem.


Good day!
Thank you for bringing this up!

Your case seems to be a bit complicated, to better assist you we would like to escalate your case to our senior engineers.
Please note now they are on National Holidays from 10/1/2022 to 10/8/2022, and they will follow up your case as soon as possible when coming back.
We would love help you further.
If you expecting to wait our senior engineers to follow up your case after holiday, please reply "Yes" to keep your case alive.
They force you to update to a new verison of an app thats broken and not tested just before they take holidays for a week!!!
You couldnt make it up!

Thank you and have a great day!


Re:Kasa APP 3.0
2022-10-06 04:27:32

Auto updated and lost connection to all 14 existing devices and the option for local only control.  Internet is intermittent here in the rural northland, so a Cloud account is useless. Loss of "skip" option makes me believe removal of local only control on design path, thus inevitable. Support promised me a response from engineers in 1-2 hours 5 hours ago. Fortunately for me, 12 of the devices were purchased from spamazon in past 25 days, so all are flagged for return. Too bad. I was beginning to enjoy having the energy monitoring and flexibility in power scheduling, especially with the ever increasing darkness of pre-winter.  *sigh* Back to the analog devices....



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