Archer T2U Nano slow speeds on Linux

Archer T2U Nano slow speeds on Linux
Archer T2U Nano slow speeds on Linux
2022-05-12 19:17:57 - last edited 2022-05-12 21:44:02
Model: Archer T2U Nano  
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version:

First of all, I wrote all this using hyperlinks, but I keep getting an error that reads "Content or title contains illegal external links" whenever I try to post, so I had to add them at the end, but modified. It's possible that this is happening because this is my first post in the forums, which makes sense, but the error message is vague, so I don't really know.


I just purchased an Archer T2U Nano on Amazon in order to use on my old Sony VAIO laptop where I have a dual boot system with Windows 11 and Zorin OS 16.1 (Linux).


The TP-Link download site for the adapter has Windows and Mac drivers, but not Linux. I installed the latest Windows drivers from there and I installed the Linux drivers using the Ubuntu install instructions in this article.


The issue is that I am getting very low download speeds on Linux when compared to Windows .On Windows, downloads average 150 Mbps whereas on Linux, they don't go past 15 Mbps. I tried multiple times with the same results. And yes, same exact hardware (same laptop, dual boot), same place of my house, same time of the day. It was one test after another and I also tested two different days.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance!



Amazon listing: h-t-t-p-s www[dot]amazon[dot]com[slash]gp[slash]product[slash]B07PB1X4CN/


Driver download page:h-t-t-p-s www[dot]tp-link[dot]com[slash]us[slash]support[slash]download[slash]archer-t2u-nano


Article on installing the Linux drivers:h-t-t-p-s ostechnix[dot]com[slash]install-tp-link-ac600-archer-t2u-nano-wifi-usb-adapter-in-linux



UPDATE: Aravisian over in this thread on the Zorin OS forums helped me fix this.


Forum thread: h-t-t-p-s forum[dot]zorin[dot]com[slash]t[slash]how-do-i-disable-built-in-wifi-adapter-so-that-i-can-use-new-usb-adapter[slash]18162[slash]16

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Re:Archer T2U Nano slow speeds on Linux
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Glad to hear know disabling the old driver on the Zorin device did the trick. Thank you for sharing the solution with us!

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