Deco m9 plus Firmware issues

Deco m9 plus Firmware issues

Deco m9 plus Firmware issues
Deco m9 plus Firmware issues
2022-07-06 14:06:01
Model: Deco M9 Plus  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version: 1.5.6



I Have three Decos m9+, 2 version 2.20 and 1 version 2.8


After update to version 1.5.6 I get some random drop speed, drop connections, Connection unstable between pods. Unstable wifi signal.

Poor performance in streaming applications, Overall performance issues


So I Downgrade to version 1.5.3(EU) and I'm not having the above problems anymore.


I believe version 1.5.6 is having problems.


Are you aware of these issues?


When will you have a new firmware solving these issues?



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Re:Deco m9 plus Firmware issues
2022-07-07 08:51:17


Nice to see you again and I see you also commented on another post about Deco M9 plus firmware.

So far I didn't think the current issue might be related to 1.5.6 firmware.

Later if you are willing to update the firmware to 1.5.6 again(or maybe only update the main M9 plus), it would be highly appreciated if you could send feedback to when the same performance issues started again.

At the same time, I will keep checking whether there would be more similar feedback.


Thank you very much for your cooperation and support.

Best regards.


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