T6E drivers (working)

T6E drivers (working)

T6E drivers (working)
T6E drivers (working)
2022-07-28 07:09:24 - last edited 2022-08-03 03:52:57
Model: Archer T6E  
Hardware Version: V2
Firmware Version:


So I have the T6E adapter and use it on Windows 11.


Like so many others, it's been giving me trouble. As in, being completely useless. It can see wireless networks, but cannot connect. The product page for T6E says "windows 11 supported". However, windows 11 for (seemingly) a majority of people does not natively detect the card. Nor does TP-Link provide windows 11 drivers and the windows 10 drivers are not updated.


I got it working however, figured that other might be interested.

Due to obnoxious restrictions in TP-Link forum, I cannot provide links or anything resembling links.


  • T6E is based on Broadcom BCM4352
    Knowing that, I tried Lenovo's drivers
    (google: BCM4352. Find the link to lenovo support, should be around the 4th in the list.


We can use this driver for manually installing drivers and getting T6E working again.


My card now works like a champ again. I'm just sad that TP-Link has been (still is) not getting their own updates in place.
Support also gives an "we dont know anything" answer, when asked about drivers.

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Re:T6E drivers (working)
2022-08-03 06:08:22


Thank you very much for the sharing, it's good to know the BCM chipset driver 7.35.267 on Lenovo website works for you. 

Most official Win10 64 bits driver can work on Win11 based on the lab test, so user could try the  official Win10-64bits T6E driver on Win11 first. 

As the driver has approved to working on your Win11, we'd also like to share your case in the Win11 article below and hope it will work for more users who experience the same problem. Solution Frequently Asked Questions about Windows 11 Drivers for TP-Link Adapters

Thanks again for your feedback. 

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