Smart plug programming question

Smart plug programming question

Smart plug programming question
Smart plug programming question
2023-03-28 01:11:08 - last edited 2023-03-28 01:12:37
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Before I buy this specific product, I'd like to know if it can do what I want and, if not, is there a different product that can.  


For many years, I had a 'NetReset" device that disconnected AC power to my Router at the same time (very early morning) every day and then reconnected the AC power two minutes later; thereby causing the router to reset itself daily.   


Unfortunately, it's internal battery (2.4v NiMH) died and is not replaceable (soldered).  


The suggested fix is to just get a "smart plug" & program it to do the same thing.  However, I'm not sure whether that could work, as WiFi necessarily will be "Off" during this process.  


What I don't understand is whether the Smart Plug itself stores & runs the program autonomously or if the program is being sent to it from the App in "real time"?  If it's the latter, wouldn't the absence of a WiFi network prevent the Smart Plug from knowing "when" to restore power to the Router? 


Thanks for any information to help me understand this better.  

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Re:Smart plug programming question
2023-03-28 16:26:19


If you are only looking for the plug to run on a schedule, then Kasa plugs will work. The general rule of thumb is that if the feature can be configured from the device settings, it will be an onboard feature. Smart Actions and routines however, require a connection to the internet. So if you wanted to set up an automation to restart when the internet went out, this would not be possible through a Kasa Plug.


You should have no issue setting a schedule on the plug that will work when there is no internet.


As for your questions - 

When your phone is connected to the same local network as the device, you will be able to send on/off commands from your phone directly to the device over your local network. Otherwise, the communications and commands sent to the plug will come from the TP-Link Cloud, rather than your phone. In the case of Smart Actions and Routines, the commands are always done via the cloud.



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